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How Much A Cruise Costs
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Cruise vacations are some of the best and most memorable experiences a person could have. If you’re getting ready to go on your next cruise vacation, it is important to consider all factors when planning your cruise budget. Besides the cruise ship ticket prices, you also have to factor in additional costs like flight tickets to the cruise port, port fees, transfer costs, money for shore excursions (like hot air ballooning or wine tastings), drink packages, onboard spending, and gratuities.

Keep reading to discover what a cruise costs, what is included in your total cost, and how cruise fares can differ between cruise lines.

Average Cruise Cost

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The average base cruise fare can range between fifty U.S. dollars per day for one person on a budget cruise line to over a thousand U.S. dollars per day for one person on a luxury cruise line. With an average cost of one hundred and sixty USD per day for one passenger, you can expect to pay around one thousand one hundred and twenty USD for a seven-day cruise.

Additionally, guests can spend up to five hundred USD for extras such as spa treatments, alcoholic beverages, gambling at the casino, dining at specialty restaurants, onboard entertainment, or shore excursions.

There are also the additional costs of flights and other transportation to and from the cruise.

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What Is Included?

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Typically, cruise ticket fares include entertainment, some drinks, meals, and accommodation. This can differ slightly between cruise lines, as some cruises include a complimentary drinks package or gratuities. There are even some cruises where passengers get extra onboard credit to be spent on the ship at no additional cost.

However, you may find yourself paying extra for things like alcoholic drinks, specialty dining, gratuities, Wi-Fi connection, spa services, casino time, specialty coffees, shore excursions, souvenirs or soft drinks at ports of call, flights, and transfers. It is also important to remember that cruise passengers staying in a balcony cabin will pay significantly less than guests staying in luxurious suites on the same cruise ship.

Different Prices for Cruise Lines

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Perhaps the biggest factor that can affect cruise prices is which cruise line you decide to use. The average price per person (excluding flights) for a seven-day Caribbean cruise with each cruise line is as follows:

  • Disney Cruise Line – 2645 USD
  • Norwegian Cruise Line – 2161 USD
  • Royal Caribbean – 1735 USD
  • Princess Cruises – 1675 USD
  • Marella – 1670 USD
  • Celebrity Cruises – 1670 USD
  • P&O Cruises – 1638 USD
  • Carnival – 1429 USD
  • MSC Cruise Line – 1415 USD
  • Costa Cruises – 1296 USD

These prices include beverage packages and gratuities. Keep in mind that they are rough estimates based on cruise line websites, and you can expect to pay more when traveling with luxury cruise lines or on larger and newer ships. You may be able to save money when you buy cruise tickets on special offers or travel in larger groups.

Cruise Fare for Families

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Depending on which discounts are available, taking a cruise with a family of four could be around the same price as cruising as a couple, or double as much.

Many cruise lines offer discounted rates for kids. However, you may find that the ships with many child-friendly activities and amenities (such as kids’ clubs) don’t offer such discounts. If you are traveling on a budget, you can book a cruise that charges less for children or book tickets when they go on sale.

It is also important to note that ticket prices for kids of two years or younger tend to vary greatly between cruise lines, with some offering free fare and others charging the same as for an adult ticket.

Cruise Line Kids Costs

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Here is what the mainstream cruise lines offer in terms of child rates and cruise deals: 

  • Royal Caribbean – Full Price (Unless booking with the Kids Sail Free promotion)
  • Norwegian Cruise Line – Full Price (Unless booking with the Free at Sea promotion)
  • P&O Cruises – Full Price during School Holidays (around sixty USD during School Terms)
  • Carnival – Full Price
  • Princess Cruises – Full Price
  • Cunard – Full Price
  • Celebrity Cruises – Full Price
  • MSC Cruises – Free for Children Under Eighteen (when booking in the USA, around one hundred and forty USD when booking in the UK)
  • Costa Cruises – Only Port Fees and Service Fees for Children under Eighteen (around one hundred and eighty USD per week)
  • Disney Cruises – Child Rate (for children of three to twelve years)

Drinks Cost

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The prices of beverages on cruise ships vary widely, and depend on the cruise line you are traveling with. Most cruise lines that are European- or British-owned (such as Costa Cruises, MSC, or P&O Cruises) have cheaper beverages than other cruise lines that are American-owned (like Carnival Cruises or Royal Caribbean International). You can also expect to pay more for drinks on a luxury cruiser.

The average prices for drinks on cruise ships are:

  • Cocktail – Six USD to Twenty USD
  • A glass of wine – Four USD to Sixteen USD
  • Beer – Four USD to Ten USD

Cruise Cost FAQs

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What is the cost of a cruise Around The World?

While the price for a world cruise varies – depending on cruise lines, choice of the cruise ship, and cabin preference – you can expect to pay around thirty-two thousand USD per person for a world cruise.

Find out more about the Ultimate World Cruise Royal Caribbean offers, here!

What is the cost of a cruise in Alaska?

On average, an Alaskan cruise costs around one thousand five hundred USD per person.

Find a full breakdown of what an Alaskan cruise costs, here!

How much does a cruise to the Bahamas cost?

The average cost per person of a cruise to the Bahamas is one thousand three hundred USD but can go as high as fifty-two thousand USD per person – if you’re sailing in a Royal Loft Suite on Symphony of the Seas.

How much does a cruise with Disney cost?

Disney cruises average just under three thousand USD per person.

Find a full breakdown of what a Disney cruise costs, here!

Is the Holland America Line a luxury cruise line?

The Holland America Line falls under the premium and luxury category, and you are likely to pay more when cruising on one of their vessels. However, luxury lines also tend to include more extras and benefits in the total cost of your cruise fare, so you may decide it’s worth the extra cost.

Do I have to pay for double occupancy if I’m traveling alone?

Unfortunately, even when traveling solo, most cruise lines calculate cruise fare according to double occupancy. If you are on a tight budget, be sure to discuss your options with your travel agent as there may be one or two cruise lines that charge per person.

Do I have to spend money on shore excursions?

While it is certainly not a requirement, you may find yourself wanting to buy souvenirs of your travels at most port cities and shore days. It is best to add a set amount of spending money per person to your cruise cost budget as well, just in case.

How much does a cruise cost with Carnival Cruise Line?

The average Carnival cruise costs around nine hundred and sixty USD per person.

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