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Everything You Need To Know About The Princess Cays
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Much like other cruise lines, the Carnival Corporation has its own private island destination called the Princess Cays, located in the Bahamas. The retreat is around forty acres big and can be found at the southern tip of Eleuthera Island. It is exclusive to passengers from Princess Cruises and the Carnival cruise line.

The resort is an oasis with clear blue waters and soft, white-sand beaches. The area is surrounded by trees and the ocean is full of tropical fish and other marine life. Visitors can choose between a variety of land- or water-based activities to keep them busy during their visit to Princess Cays.

If you’ve recently booked a cruise with Carnival Corporation to the Bahamas, Princess Cays is bound to be one of your stops. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about this natural paradise.


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As is typical for the Bahamas, Princess Cays has hot summer months. The temperature can reach up to ninety degrees, with occasional rain showers and high humidity. If you’re visiting during the summertime, be sure to pack a lot of sunscreen and a sun hat.

In the late fall and winter seasons, visitors to Eleuthera Island can expect drier and cooler weather. There will also be sunny skies and very little rain. During this time, temperatures typically fall somewhere between seventy and eighty degrees.

The sea temperatures usually follow suit, making it great for water sports.

Getting There

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The cruise ship will throw anchor in deeper waters, and guests will have to board smaller tender boats or ferries that will take them through the waist-high water to Princess Cays. The island is home to an information and welcome center, where visitors can find maps to guide them along the pathways.

Be sure to pack everything you’ll need for the day, especially if you have specific activities in mind. Some of the most important items to take with you include insect repellant and sunscreen. There are also some rocky areas on the beach where a good pair of water shoes may come in handy. If you’re planning on going snorkeling, you can bring your own snorkel equipment or rent snorkel equipment from Princess Cays. There are several equipment rentals available.

If you’re planning on buying drinks, be sure to take your cruise card or Medallion disk. Also, be sure to take some money (U.S. dollars) for the shops on the island that only accept cash.

Read our list of everything you need to pack for a cruise here!

Things To Do

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There are many things to do on the island of Eleuthera, and most of the activities on this private resort celebrate the island’s natural beauty and amazing marine life. While the island has no large pools or water slides, it is home to calm waters, palm trees, stunning beaches, and coral reefs that are ideal for snorkeling.

Upon arriving at Love Boat Marina, you can head to the most popular spot in Princess Cays; North Beach. Here you will find plenty of complimentary sun loungers and beach chairs. There are shaded spots if you’d like to avoid the sun, or you can rent one of the beach clamshell loungers. They include daybeds or two comfortable beach chairs.

If you’re looking for something more peaceful and less crowded, you can head to South Beach at the opposite end of the private retreat. Both beaches include nearby bars, food venues, palm trees, and beach clamshells.

Activities in the Water

  • Stingray encounter
  • Coastal cruise
  • Glass bottom boat cruise
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Hobie wave sailboat rental
  • Kayaking
  • StandUp Paddleboarding
  • Surf fishing
  • Snorkeling (for both inexperienced and experienced snorkelers)
  • Oceanview seaboard
  • Paddle Wheelers
  • Floating mats
  • Aqua chairs and bikes

Activities On Land

  • Shore excursions
  • Clamshell beach chairs
  • Leisurely bike ride on the island
  • Basketball and volleyball
  • Pelican Perch kids playground and small pool
  • Adults-only area
  • Crow’s nest lookout
  • Observation tower
  • Ride on a dune buggy
  • The local straw market (where visitors can buy locally produced souvenirs)


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Accommodation at Princess Cays comes in the form of rental cabanas. These cabins sell out fast, so cruise passengers should book them well in advance through the Cruise Personalizer. There are two main types of private cabanas/ beach bungalows you can rent, namely:

The Sanctuary Bungalow, starting at around 300 USD

  • Three minutes on foot from the beach
  • Priority tender tickets
  • Motorized transport available from the dock
  • Includes two rental floats
  • Loungers on deck
  • Private shower
  • Air conditioning
  • Table with chairs inside
  • Bar service (at an additional charge)
  • Optional gourmet picnic
  • Accommodates four guests
  • Guests must be eighteen years or older

The Princess Cays Bungalow, starting at around 230 USD

  • Within walking distance from the beach
  • Priority tender tickets
  • Motorized transport available from the dock
  • Loungers on deck
  • Private shower
  • Air conditioning
  • Table with chairs inside
  • Bar service (at an additional charge)
  • Accommodates four guests

Dining and Drinking

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While visiting Princess Cays and the island of Eleuthera, guests can enjoy a complimentary buffet provided by Princess Cruises and the Carnival cruise line. Visitors can have lunch between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM, at restaurants like the Sea Breeze Grill and the Grill Crazy BBQ. Seating options include a covered area and plenty of picnic benches.

The Sea Breeze Grill can be found near the tender boats at the southern end of the island, and Grill Crazy BBQ is located near North Beach.

Here, guests can enjoy meals like hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, chicken, potato salad, green salads, coleslaw, and beans. There are also some sweet treats available, like brownies and fresh fruit. Each meal includes lemonade or tea.

If you’re looking for a cold beverage or a cocktail, you can find them at one of the many spots scattered throughout Princess Cays.

There’s the Bahia Bar, near the end of North Beach, and the Coconut Bar, which can be found close to Chill Crazy BBQ. In the South Beach area, you’ll find the Reef Runner Bar, and there’s also the Banana Beach Bar in the middle of the resort.

Visitors to Princess Cays can charge drinks to their onboard account, or make use of their Princess drink packages to purchase them.

How To Visit

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If you’re thinking of visiting Princess Cays, there are several options to choose from. There are some great Princess Cruises that depart from Galveston, Texas, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There are also some cruises departing from New York City. Some of the options include:

  • Twenty days Caribbean Explorer
  • Sixteen days Caribbean Southern Adventurer
  • Eleven days Caribbean Islander
  • Four days to the Bahamas
  • Five days in the Caribbean with Cozumel
  • Six or Seven days in the Eastern or Western Caribbean
  • Ten days in the Southern Caribbean

Several of the Princess Cruises vessels sail to Princess Cays, including Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, Enchanted Princess, Sky Princess, Island Princess, Emerald Princess, and Ruby Princess.

There are also several Carnival ships that visit the Princess Cays. These include Carnival Liberty, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Elation, Carnival Conquest, and Carnival Sunrise.

Both cruise lines are owned by Carnival Corporation.

Princess Cays, Bahamas FAQs

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Can I use Wi-Fi at Princess Cays?

Princess cruise guests can make use of the Medallion Net Wi-Fi, but Carnival cruise line guests will not be able to connect as they make use of another service.

Which is the best Princess Cays excursion?

One of the most popular activities to enjoy at Princess Cays is the Stingray Beach Encounter. Here, passengers of fifteen years or older can spend time with stingrays in the warm waters of Princess Cays Beach, feed them, and learn more about these amazing sea creatures.

Many passengers also enjoy spending a day at a nearby exclusive port, such as Rock Sound – home to stunning beaches and beautiful architecture.

Another popular activity is going for a banana boat ride or going on a Dune Buggy tour of the southernmost tip of the island of Eleuthera.

Can I use my Carnival Cheers! Beverage Package at Princess Cays, Bahamas?

Unfortunately, Carnival cruise line passengers will have to pay a la carte for their drinks. The package also doesn’t work on any other private islands, such as Half Moon Cay.

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