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What You Need to Know Before Visiting Labadee Haiti, Royal Caribbean’s Private Destination

Labadee, Haiti, is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean International, boasting beautiful beach attractions, exciting activities for all ages, and so much more to look forward to.

Although there are many private island ports of call in the Caribbean, Labadee, Haiti, truly stands out. The port at Labadee, Haiti, is extremely advantageous in that even the largest Royal Caribbean cruise ships can dock there. This secluded resort can be explored on foot and measures 800 x 400 meters.

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The private island is also wheelchair accessible, with paved trails and footpaths allowing all cruise passengers to enjoy Labadee, Haiti, to the fullest. If you’re looking for a more peaceful experience, Columbus Cove is within easy reach, and a free tram service can take you anywhere you want to go in Labadee.

The selection of four pristine white sand beaches and Caribbean sea waters offer the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy an authentic island experience. Labadee, Haiti, is also home to a myriad of adrenalin-filled activities, such as the longest zip-line worldwide and an alpine roller coaster.

Moreover, the immense Arawak Aqua Park, parasailing, cabana rentals, fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, speed boats, bars, cafes, and countless cultural experiences draw thousand to this little private island every year.

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The History of Labadee, Haiti, of Royal Caribbean International

Hispaniola was an island inhabited by people of Taino descent before Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1492. The west of the island today known as Haiti was conquered by the French in 1697 and transformed into a profitable sugar plantation, making it one of the wealthiest colonies worldwide.

In the 1600s, the Marquis de La Badie called the island their home, and it was later dubbed “Labadee.” Haiti gained independence in 1804. Until the year 2050, Labadee, Haiti, is leased to the cruise line Royal Caribbean International as its own private destination.

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Labadee, Haiti, and Royal Caribbean International

The private island of Labadee, consisting of 260 acres, was leased to Royal Caribbean International in the late 80s. The cruise line started upgrading all the facilities and amenities in Labadee, Haiti, in 2009, resulting in an estimated cost of approximately $55 million. Renovations included constructing a deep-water dock that caters to large cruise ships.

Labadee, Haiti, is a high-demand port for Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean cruises, and Azamara cruises. Haiti gains most of its tourist revenue from Labadee, and over 300 local employees settled on Labadee to sell their services and merchandise to visitors.

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The Weather in Labadee, Haiti

Labadee, Haiti, is located in the Caribbean on Haiti’s northern coast, so you can expect nothing but sunshine and warm water at this idyllic destination. The average temperature in Labadee, Haiti, is 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rain is a very scarce occurrence on Labadee during the dry season between December and March, which is the typical Caribbean cruise season. Even the wet summer season on the north coast of Haiti is sweltering. Tropical storms are more likely to occur between August and October, and the hottest month on Labadee is July.

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13 Best Things to do In Labadee, Haiti

The local Trading Post will greet you as you walk off the pier. This is where visitors can book exciting tours and fun rides if they haven’t done so beforehand. There are several local shops where you can shop for some irreplaceable souvenirs and support the economy.

By the tram stops at the Dragon Tram Station, you’ll find a First Aid Station, which is worth noting in the case of an injury. Although Labadee is a smoke-free area, there are a handful of designated smoking areas available.

All the fantastic activities and attractions can be navigated from this central point.

#1 Rent Cabanas

One of the first things visitors to the Caribbean want to do is explore the beautiful beaches. As the sun can get a bit overwhelming, renting a beach cabana or a beach bungalow is arguably the best way to enjoy a beach day without getting severely sunburnt.

A beach cabana will provide you with some privacy while you stretch out on one of the luxurious beach beds. There are various additional luxuries visitors can choose to add to their cabana rental to optimize the experience.

#2 Visit Adrenaline Beach

The island is lined with various gorgeous beaches, but Adrenaline Beach is undoubtedly a must-see. Adrenaline Beach can become a bit busy due to the impressive swim-up bar, which draws many in for a refreshing drink.

The swim-up floating bar allows visitors to order drinks from the water before heading back to their cabana rentals or beach bungalows to enjoy the cool breeze and salty air.

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#3 Shopping at the Artisan Market

Looking for some unique items to commemorate your time at Labadee, Haiti? The Artisan Market is the place to be! This lovely market features a world of handcrafted gifts, including a wide range of clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and unique accessories.

Note the Artisan Village is separate from the market. The Artisan Village is the ideal place for skilled negotiators to haggle over price tags and score the best deals on their desired items. The Artisan’s Village is cash-only, so your credit card won’t be worth much here.

#4 Lunch at Labadee

As soon as you disembark at the cruise port, a warm barbeque lunch will be waiting for you on Labadee. This smoky feast is entirely free and includes treats like hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, and several side dishes served buffet-style.

Visitors can enjoy this meal at the picnic tables looking out onto the ocean. Lunch is served from 11 in the morning, so if you have several shore excursions you’d like to include in your visit, be sure to plan efficiently.

Lunch is served at Café Labadee (Adrenaline Beach), Dragon’s Café (by the pier), and Columbus Cove Café. If you crave a cool drink to wash down the delicious meal, you can visit some of the five great bars scattered around the island, including the Floating Bar, Dragon’s Breath Pub, Schooner Bar, Columbus Cove Bar, and Nellie’s Tavern.

All these iconic establishments sell signature cocktails of all kinds, along with sodas, mocktails, and beers. Opting for a drink package on the cruise ship will also cover all drinks at the island bars.

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#5 Stretch Out on Nellie’s Beach

Nellie’s Beach is one of the best beaches at Labadee and provides the perfect backdrop for your island photos. Cabana rentals come complete with golf cart transport that will take you to and from the buffet, the cruise ship, and many other remarkable destinations you’d like to visit.

On Nellie’s Beach, most cruisers splurge on a kayaking adventure and a floating mat to make the most of their time in the sun.

#6 Get Your Blood Pumping at Dragon’s Breath Zipline

Dragon’s Breath Zipline is one of Labadee’s most prominent attractions and gives you a chance to soar through the air and view some extraordinary sites of the coast.

The zip line shore excursion starts at the top of the island’s mountain, where experienced guides will give you instructions on how to complete the journey safely. This ride can reach a speed of up to 50 miles per hour, so it’s best to leave your hat and flip-flops on the beach.

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#7 Take a Ferry Ride to Columbus Cove

Spending as much time on the beach as possible is often the primary goal of visitors to the Caribbean. If you don’t find large crowds very attractive, Columbus Cove beach is the place for you. Columbus Cove is the farthest beach on the island, so many people don’t make the trip and rather stay on the easily-accessible beaches.

A complimentary ferry ride called the Columbus Cove Express will deliver you straight to the white sand of Columbus Cove so you can enjoy a full day on the beach. There is no better place on Labadee to read a good book and take in the crashing waves than at Columbus Cove, and with lunch served at the Columbus Cove Café, you will be tempted to stay the whole day.

Be sure to set the alarm, so you don’t drift off and have to rush back to the cruise ship at the end of the day.


#8 Let Loose at Adventure Ocean Oasis

At the heart of Adrenaline Beach lies the children’s paradise called Adventure Ocean Oasis. This water park is riddled with geysers, fountains, water guns, and various other water-based activities.

The dedicated staff at the water park will ensure your kids have a ball in a safe environment while you relax on the beach or in your beach cabana. There are no official age restrictions, so parents are welcome to join their children at this water oasis if they wish.

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#9 Have a Blast at Dragon’s Splash Waterslide

If you fancy gliding down a massive waterslide while enjoying mesmerizing views of the Caribbean Sea, Dragon’s Splash Waterslide is perfect for you. To reach this impressive slide, you will need to hike through lush rainforests on nature trails before sliding down to a refreshing splash zone.

Whether you want to try this adventure yourself or simply watch others slide down smiling, Dragon’s Splash Waterslide is a wonderful place to cool off.

#10 Ride the Dragon’s Tail Coaster

Most of this panoramic island follows a dragon theme, and Dragon’s Tail Roller Coaster is no different. This medieval-inspired roller coaster will take you on a thrilling journey of twists and turns along the magnificent mountain.

The apex of the ride offers incredible views of the whole island. You may even spot your cruise ship in the distance as you drop suddenly at 30 miles/hour. The minimum age requirement for the Dragon’s Tail Coaster is five, and children must ride with an adult. Long-haired individuals are also asked to tie their hair back for the ride.

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#11 Splash Around at Arawak Aqua Park

Arawak Aqua Park is a floating water park filled with water-based fun. You will find various blow-up formations kids can climb onto. Test your skills on the rolling log and see how high you can jump on one of the floating trampolines at this water-oriented playground.

Kids will be delighted to enjoy a size-appropriate roller coaster of their own without going too fast. Arawak Aqua Park is suitable for younger and older kids alike, but height and age restrictions apply to some of the activities on this amazing excursion. Guardians are required to keep an eye on their little ones for the entire time spent at the waterpark.

#12 Take a Break at Barefoot Beach

Barefoot Beach is a Royal Caribbean private beach exclusive to Grand Suite passengers as well as Pinnacle members of the Royal Caribbean loyalty program “Crown and Anchor Society.”

Barefoot Beach features a wide range of private beach cabanas, which can be reserved for the ship’s Shore Excursions desk and the Concierge.

Every beach cabana can accommodate up to six people and features two lounge chairs and an ample seating area. Included in the price are bottled water, towels, hammocks, snorkeling gear, floating mats, a golf cart, and private buffet access.

The Standard Cabana options at Barefoot Beach are accessible to wheelchairs, while the Hilltop Cabanas boasts breathtaking views from overhead and a lot of privacy. The Over-Water Cabanas sit on the water, so you can walk straight onto the beach and into the ocean. On the waterfront sits the Beachfront Cabanas.

#13 Go on a Snorkeling Excursion

The best way to experience the Caribbean from below the surface is by snorkeling through the tranquil waters at Labadee. A dedicated guide will point out all the technicolor coral reefs and sea creatures you’ll certainly want to see.

After a short introductory course on a boat, you can take your snorkeling gear and head out into the vibrant waters. People of all ages are welcome to participate in this shore excursion, but restrictions apply to those who cannot handle their snorkeling equipment independently.

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As the list of activities in Labadee, Haiti, grows longer and longer, we hope this guide gives you some insight into how you should spend your time to make the most of the trip. With the idyllic backdrop of one of the most beautiful private destinations in the Caribbean, you’ll be grateful you decided to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise, as you’ll have the chance to experience what few can.

Labadee is and always has been one of the most treasured gems in the Caribbean Sea that provides an unrivaled experience to add to your unforgettable cruise vacation.