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The Ultimate Guide to Wonder of the Seas
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As the most popular of all cruise lines, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class comprises five cruise ships, and Wonder of the Seas is the largest one. Much like all the Royal Caribbean ships, it is a marvel of technology, design, engineering, and ingenuity, and it has something for every type of traveler.

Much like the other Oasis-class ships, Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas is a massive vessel, over a thousand feet in length and with a guest capacity of nearly seven thousand. Undertaking its maiden voyage for the first time from Port Everglades and Port Canaveral, Florida in 2022, and has since become known as one of the world’s largest cruise ships.

You won’t want to miss out on anything when sailing on the magnificent Wonder of the Seas. We’ve gathered all the information you may need to plan your journey and get acquainted with the facilities, services, accommodations, attractions, activities, dining options, and entertainment venues available on board Royal Caribbean’s boldest and biggest ship.

What to Expect on the World’s Largest Cruise Ship


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Despite its staggering larger-than-life size, Wonder of the Seas has been designed in an innovative way that is quintessential of the Oasis class ships, ensuring that it feels spacious regardless of where you are on the ship.

One of the ways Royal Caribbean avoided over-crowding is by dividing Wonder of the Seas into what they call neighborhoods. Each of the eight unique neighborhoods offers different activities and amenities, making them an experience on their own.

The Boardwalk Neighborhood

The Boardwalk neighborhood was designed to be reminiscent of old English piers and seaside boardwalks from the past, creating a nostalgic feeling for passengers- much like one would get when visiting Coney Island. As a result, the Boardwalk includes nostalgic attractions like an arcade, hot dog stands, a Johnny Rockets, the Playmakers Sports Bar, and an old-fashioned candy and ice cream store called Sugar Beach.

It is located on Deck Six, and visitors to the neighborhood are greeted with stunning sights like an authentic, working carousel that offers complimentary rides any time of the day. The sports bar offers comfort food and alcoholic beverages, and hot dogs can be enjoyed at the Boardwalk Dog House.

At the very back of the Boardwalk Neighborhood, there is the AquaTheater. Passengers can visit this amphitheater-style venue for live entertainment, such as live music, movie screenings, game shows, high-diving, and water aerobics.

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Central Park

Central Park is a peaceful area on Deck Eight, with beautiful plants and flowers, that is perfect for taking a relaxed stroll. Here, passengers can enjoy everything from restaurants and bars to retail venues and artwork.

One of the main draws to Central Park is its specialty restaurants, including the wine bar, Schooner Bar, and Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen, offering authentic Italian cuisine and great pizzas. There is also the renowned steakhouse, Chops Grille, and an excellent spot for breakfast, Park Café.

If you’re in the mood for some dancing and live music, you can stop by Music Hall – located just outside of Central Park. And, if you want to experience something truly unique, there is the Rising Tide Bar. It travels slowly between the Royal Promenade and Central Park, allowing visitors to get some great views.

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The Royal Promenade

This is the main road on Wonder of the Seas and includes coffee shops, stores, lounges, and bars for passengers to enjoy. It can be found on Deck Five and functions much like a downtown area for the vessel.

Passengers can enjoy singing in front of an audience, or in private booths, at Spotlight Karaoke. There is also a Latin-themed bar called Boleros, which offers mezcal, mojitos, and great music. Or, if you’re in desperate need of some coffee, be sure to stop by Café Promenade.

The Royal Promenade also offers the main dining room, as well as NextCruise, where passengers can look for cruise deals and book another cruise vacation with Royal Caribbean International. Booking while on board also ensures future cruise credit.

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The Pool and Sports Zone

As the name suggests, this neighborhood is where passengers can make use of the ship’s Sports Court, hot tubs, and pool areas with waterslides. It can be found on Decks Fifteen and Sixteen and is a hub for a wide variety of activities.

The Perfect Storm waterslides offer a thrilling experience for the more adventurous brand of tourists, as well as great views of Central Park below. Children can visit Splashaway Bay and play in the water to their hearts’ content, take in a film at the large poolside movie screen, or use the rock climbing walls at Wonder Playscape.

If you’re looking for a nice cocktail, you can visit the Lime and Coconut, or one of the other poolside bars. Additionally, the pool deck is home to The Vue, which offers stunning views of the ocean at sunset.

The neighborhood is also home to the adults-only Solarium, located at the front end of the ship. It is the ideal place for quiet and relaxation, as the glass enclosure offers a welcome respite from the noisy ship outside. Here, adult passengers can enjoy the pool, lounge, and Solarium Bistro.

Other signature amenities include Wonder Dunes mini golf, the FlowRider Surf Simulator, Ultimate Abyss, and palate-pleasing dining options like Hooked Seafood, Cantina Fresco, and El Loco Fresh.

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The Youth Zone

Located on Deck Fourteen, this neighborhood is specifically designed for younger kids and teenagers, from the age of six months and up, with attractions like an arcade, a teen club, and Adventure Ocean programming. Children can enjoy science and craft activities at The Workshop, and passengers between the ages of thirteen and seventeen can make use of the outdoor and indoor patios.

Adventure Ocean also includes dedicated spaces for other age groups, namely AO Kids for children of six to twelve years, AO Juniors for children of three to five years, and AO Babies for children of six months to two years.

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Entertainment Place

Royal Caribbean cruises are known for their signature entertainment options. Located on Deck Four, passengers can enjoy everything from live country music to ice skating.

Entertainment Place is home to the Royal Theater, which hosts live entertainment every evening. There is also Studio B, the ice skating rink, which offers figure skating performances like The Seasons on Ice, skating sessions for visitors, and glow-in-the-dark laser tag games. And, if you’re looking for a good laugh, you can visit the comedy club in the attic.

Other amenities include another casino space called the Golden Room and Izumi, a restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine.

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Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center

Royal Caribbean guests can make use of the fitness center at no extra charge, and there is a wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments available. Located on Deck Five and Six, the Vitality at Sea Spa includes steam rooms, saunas, body and facial spa treatments, Thai massages, and acupuncture.

There is also a barber shop and salon where passengers can get their hair cut and styled, beards shaved, and nails manicured or pedicured. The fitness center offers several exercise machines and equipment.

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The Suite Neighborhood

Unlike all the other Oasis-class ships, wonder of the Seas includes an eighth neighborhood on Deck Seventeen and Eighteen. The area can be found at the very top of the vessel, overlooking the ocean and sports deck.

This neighborhood is exclusive to suite guests on board and includes amenities like the Suite Sun Deck, Suite Lounge, and the Coastal Kitchen restaurant. Visitors to the Suite Sun Deck can enjoy a plunge pool, a pool bar, and comfortable sun loungers on the pool deck.

Many passengers opt for suites instead of staterooms solely for use of the exclusive Suite Neighborhood. The suites are also ideal for a family vacation, and Wonder of the Seas is home to the Ultimate Family Suite, which can sleep up to ten passengers.

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Top Entertainment Venues and Shows

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One of the major appeals to the world’s newest wonder is the fact that all shows and entertainment options are included in the passenger cruise fare.

The main entertainment venues on Wonder of the Seas are the Royal Theater, which offers shows such as “Voices: An Intimate Performance on a Grand Scale”, the AquaTheater, where visitors can enjoy the all-female show “inTENse”, and Studio B, the ice skating rink. The Mason Jar is another great entertainment venue, especially for fans of live country music.

However, keep in mind that spots may be limited, and you’ll need to reserve slots for signature shows at the start of your cruise.

Dining Options

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Wonder of the Seas offers both specialty restaurants and complimentary eateries included in the cruise fare. The complimentary options also have many different cuisines to choose from, and most guests never need to use the paid restaurants and venues. Both Johnny Rockets and the Solarium Bistro fall under this category. Other complementary dining options include the Main Dining Room, El Loco Fresh, a continental breakfast via room service, and more.

If you would like to make use of a specialty restaurant, it is important to remember that they come at an additional cost. Passengers can pay per meal, or purchase a dining package before embarking on their Royal Caribbean cruise. However, it is best to book dining packages well before embarking on the Wonder of the Seas itineraries, as they sell out fast.

Wonder of the Seas features Starbucks, the Mason Jar, Sugar Beach, Izumi Hibachi and Sushi, Bionic Bar, and Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen among other specialty dining options.


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Along with the suites, there is also a range of Wonder of the Seas staterooms to choose from. They come in different stateroom categories and price ranges, so you’re bound to find something to suit your budget. There are nearly three thousand staterooms on the ship, both interior and ones with ocean views. Balcony rooms and suites typically cost more, so if you’re planning on purchasing a dining package or an excursion to the shore, you may want to opt for one of the interior rooms.

There are nine stateroom categories to choose from, excluding suites, namely:

  • Ocean View Staterooms with Large Balconies
  • Ocean View Staterooms with Balconies
  • Ocean View Staterooms
  • Boardwalk View Staterooms with Balconies
  • Central Park View Staterooms with Balconies
  • Central Park View Interior Staterooms
  • Promenade View Interior Staterooms
  • Interior Staterooms
  • Interior Staterooms with Virtual Balconies

All cabins include amenities such as private bathrooms, dressers, desks, televisions, couches or lounge chairs, mini-fridges, and storage space.

The vessel is also home to wheelchair-accessible staterooms, which include extra space, ramps, wider doorframes, lowered storage space, and a lowered sink.

There are seven suite categories, namely:

  • The Ultimate Family Suite
  • Spacious AquaTheater Suites with One or Two Bedrooms
  • Junior Suites with Balconies
  • Crown Loft Suites with Balconies
  • Royal Loft Suites
  • Grand One-Bedroom Suites
  • Owner’s One-Bedroom Suites

Wonder of the Seas FAQs

How much did it cost to build Wonder of the Seas?

This magnificent vessel was built by the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, for nearly one-and-a-half billion U.S. dollars. It was built within three years- a great feat considering the delays caused by the Global Health Crisis in 2021

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Is Wonder of the Seas still sailing at reduced capacity?

Ever since Memorial Day in 2022, all ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet are sailing at full capacity again.

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How many restaurants does Wonder of the Seas have?

Wonder of the Seas is home to over twenty restaurants and eateries, some of which are complimentary. For the restaurants and eateries that come at an additional charge, guests can purchase dining packages before embarking on their cruise.

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How does the Titanic compare to Wonder of the Seas?

While the Titanic made history for its large size and impressive guest capacity, it comes nowhere near modern cruise ships. The Titanic had a total guest capacity of nearly two-and-a-half-thousand people, whereas the modern Wonder of the Seas can hold nearly seven thousand.

It was also home to far fewer amenities, and only included a general room, smoke room, boat deck, Turkish baths, a gym, squash courts, and a swimming pool.

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