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The Complete Guide To Flamingo Beach, Aruba
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If you’re planning to visit Aruba, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the famous tourist attraction Flamingo Beach – Renaissance Island’s private beach where a group of pink flamingoes roams free.

Besides its flamingo population, this Dutch Caribbean beach is also home to sugary white sands, swaying palm trees, stunning natural beauty, and clear blue waters – making it an excellent stop on any trip to Aruba. It is also one of the only places where tourists can get a chance to feed the pink inhabitants!

The island, and Flamingo Beach, are owned by the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort (previously referred to as the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino). As a result, the fun of having these beautiful birds gently eat from your palms at Flamingo Beach is unavailable to non-guests, and you may have to plan your trip carefully in order to meet new pink friends.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Flamingo Beach and the beautiful birds that live there.

Getting To Aruba’s Private Beach

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Because flamingos aren’t native to Aruba, Flamingo Beach is the only beach to see them when you visit the island. The private island is home to lush mangrove forests and two stunning beaches, one of which is Flamingo Beach.

Guests of the Renaissance hotel have access to the forty-acre stretch of beach, but it is located some distance from the hotel. Getting there involves a trip in a water taxi.

Visiting Flamingo Beach Cost

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Renaissance Island

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One of the best ways to get access to Flamingo Island for free is by booking a room at the Renaissance resort. This also includes complimentary water taxi trips to and from the hotel.

Rooms usually cost around one hundred and fifty USD per night but can cost more depending on the season and which deals are available. It is more likely that you will pay between two hundred and five hundred USD per night for your stay at the hotel. The resort is run by Marriott, and located near Oranjestad – the island’s capital. This makes it a great place for exploring.

The Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort is home to two private beaches, namely Iguana Beach and Flamingo Beach. It also has a casino, a great pool on the beachfront, a spa cove, and a shopping mall.

Staying at the resort for more than a night means you can take several trips to Flamingo Beach for a chance of meeting the famous flamingos.

Renaissance Island Day Pass

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Another way for non-guests to enjoy all the fun of feeding flamingoes is by getting a day pass to Renaissance Island.

These passes cost about one hundred and twenty-five USD per person, and access for children under the age of four is complimentary. Access for children between the ages of five and twelve, tickets cost around sixty-three USD.

It should be noted, however, that while kids are allowed to enter Renaissance Island at any time of the day, they will have to adhere to Flamingo Beach visiting hours. Children are only allowed access to the flamingos between nine and ten AM. Visitors with children are allowed to visit Iguana Beach after ten AM, which is more family-friendly.

The Renaissance Island day pass includes the trip by water taxi to and from Flamingo Beach. It departs every fifteen minutes, from seven AM to seven PM. The trip takes under fifteen minutes. Taxis can board around twenty people at a time.

Also included in the day pass is a meal and drink at the Mangrove Beach Bar or Papagayo Bar and Grill, and complimentary beach towels.

Unfortunately, day passes are only available for purchase when the hotel is not at full occupancy. They also cannot be booked ahead of time. If you’re visiting Aruba during peak season, you may have trouble getting a day pass.

Renaissance Island day passes are only valid on the day of their purchase.

Okeanos Spa Package

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The Spa Cove on Renaissance Island offers services like deep tissue massages, reflexology, and Swedish massages. Each spa package also includes access to Renaissance Island for a day. This is a great option if you are unable to secure a day pass and can’t stay on the island for an extended period of time.

It is also the most expensive option. These spa packages cost a minimum of around three hundred USD, and there is an additional twenty-five USD charge for visitors who are not guests of the hotel.

These packages can be booked in advance.

Visiting Flamingo Beach, Aruba

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Best Time To Visit Renaissance Island

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For most of the year, Aruba weather is warm and sunny – ideal for a beach vacation. High season usually runs from the middle of December until the middle of April. This is due to the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, which pushes tourists to escape their homes in search of somewhere warmer. During spring break in the U.S., Aruba is also a popular destination.

We recommend visiting during the low season if you would like to avoid the crowds. The low season is usually from the middle of April to the middle of December.

Another plus of visiting Aruba is that hurricane season won’t affect your stay, as it’s located outside of the hurricane belt in the Dutch Caribbean.

Things To Do At Flamingo Beach

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Feed the Flamingos

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As one might expect, perhaps the most popular activity in Flamingo Beach is feeding its stunning pink birds.

Visitors can buy flamingo food on the beach for Fifty cents and approach the birds to see if they want to eat from their hands. It makes for a stunning photo opportunity, so be ready with enough food to snap a few pictures.

Unfortunately, the flamingos aren’t always hungry. In this case, you will still be able to take some beautiful pictures of them while standing on one leg or sleeping. The best time to visit the flamingos, with the best chance of feeding them, is early in the morning when there are fewer people.

For the best experience, be sure to take some coins for the vending machine, arrive early, and don’t chase or scare the birds.

Spend Time at the Beach

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Apart from the flamingos in Aruba, there is a lot for guests to enjoy when visiting Renaissance Island and Flamingo Beach. The sand is soft, the water is clear, and it offers privacy and quietness away from crowds.

Visitors can simply sit back and relax on their beach chairs, enjoy the sun, and watch the striking pink birds stroll by. The area is sheltered from the wind and offers a lot of sun, so be sure to bring sunscreen before enjoying the crystal water.

There are also many places to get drinks, food, and snacks nearby.

More Things To Do At Renaissance Private Island, Aruba

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If you’re looking for something more active, you can always enjoy some water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

Visitors can rend floats, kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling equipment from the Red Sail Sports store on the beach. Keep in mind that equipment and gear are usually rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rental gear can be enjoyed from eight-thirty AM to four PM.

For groups traveling together, there is also the option of renting a private cabana on the oceanfront. Private cabanas can be rented for the entire day and include sparkling wine, water snacks, water floats, snorkeling gear, and a Butler service. One of the cabanas on Iguana Beach also includes a water slide.

The cost of renting a cabana for the day is around four hundred and twenty-five USD, and they can be reserved ahead of time. Between the two beaches, there are twenty cabanas to choose from. Cabanas are adults-only and can accommodate between four and six guests.

If you’re looking for something romantic, you can book a couples massage, or a Dinner Under the Stars – a four-course meal with a stunning view and live music.

Dining Options at Flamingo Beach

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It is important to remember that guests cannot bring their own food or drinks onto Renaissance Island. Meals can be enjoyed at the hotel, or at one of the dining options on the beach.

The Papagayo Bar & Grill can be found at Iguana Beach and is ideal for visitors looking for a full-course, sit-down meal. Opening hours are every day from eight AM to six PM. It offers specialty wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, cocktails, and desserts.

The Mangrove Beach Bar and Fish Shack, found at Flamingo Beach, is perfect if you just want a cocktail or a quick snack. Opening hours are every day from eleven-thirty AM to three-thirty PM. Visitors can make use of stools or be served directly at their lounge chairs.

Flamingo Beach, Aruba FAQs

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Are kids allowed to visit Flamingo Beach, Aruba?

Children are allowed to visit Flamingo Beach but are limited when it comes to the flamingos themselves. There is also another beach nearby, called Iguana Beach, that is ideal for families.

How did the pink Flamingos get to Flamingo Beach in Aruba?

There is some speculation about how the flamingos of Flamingo Beach got there to begin with. Many people believe that they came from neighboring islands, like Bonaire or Curacao. It is also possible that they are rescue animals.

What do flamingos eat?

In the wild, flamingos eat algae, small crustaceans, larvae, seeds, and other things found in shallow water. At Flamingo Beach, there are vending machines available where visitors can buy proper flamingo food to feed their new pink friends.

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