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Overview of P&O Iona Cabins

Before booking your spot on any cruise line, it is certainly worth thinking about the type of cabin you would like to stay in, especially if it’s your first time on that ship. Iona cabins range from deluxe balcony cabins to a conservatory mini-suite, so you’re sure to find something to your liking.

Even if you are cruising alone, P&O Iona offers solo cabins, and if you plan on spending most of your time out on the deck, an inside cabin may be the best option. Maybe you are going on a cruise primarily to enjoy views of the ocean and the relaxation that comes with it. Then, a sea view cabin will be your best bet.

If you are looking for an outdoor space with some privacy, you will enjoy a balcony cabin. Suite options are ideal for those for whom money is not an object. Whatever your preference, the Iona will undoubtedly have a cabin perfect for your needs.

Being previously operated by P&O Princess Cruises plc before merging with Carnival Corporation, you can expect nothing but the highest standards on your cruise holiday. Whether you’re planning a trip to the Canary Islands or the Norwegian Fjords, P&O Iona is sure to live up to your standards, as it has received nothing but praise since its maiden voyage.

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P&O Iona Inside Cabins

Inside Iona cabins come in three sizes:

  • Single inside cabin
  • Standard inside cabin
  • Large inside cabin

Inside cabins are the more budget-friendly cabin options, so this is a perfect choice for cruisers who want to spend their time exploring the ship rather than staying cooped up in their room. The inside cabins on the Iona range between 100 and 190 square feet. Accessible inside cabins are quite large, being around 210 square feet in total.

The single cabins only sleep one person, while the standard inside cabin and the large inside cabin sleep four people. A single sofa bed, as well as a Pullman bed, are included in these cabins.

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P&O Cruises – Iona :

P&O Iona Sea View Cabins

If you easily feel claustrophobic and want to enjoy a cruise without breaking the bank, you would do well opting for a sea view cabin on the Iona. Sea view cabins are the perfect compromise between a more expensive balcony cabin and a cheaper inside room. Sea view cabins on the Iona are of a generous size of around 210 square feet, which is bigger than a standard balcony cabin and an inside cabin. Passengers in wheelchairs will benefit from the spacious 307 square feet accessible outside cabin options.

The windows in the sea view cabins are great for determining the day’s weather before heading out. Even if you just need a relaxing day inside, you can sit by the window and enjoy the view of the ocean. Some of the sea view cabins on the Iona only have a window without a window seat.

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P&O Cruises – Iona :

P&O Balcony Cabins

There are four balcony cabin sizes on the Iona:

  • The single balcony cabins
  • The smaller balcony cabins
  • The standard balcony cabins
  • The deluxe balcony cabins

The single balcony cabin sleeps one passenger, the small balcony cabin sleeps up to two passengers, the standard balcony cabin sleeps up to four passengers, and the deluxe balcony cabin sleeps four passengers. The Balcony cabins on the Iona contain double doors that take you to a semi-private balcony of varying balcony sizes where you can enjoy your morning coffee and watch the tranquil ocean waters.

The balcony cabins on the P&O Iona range between 107 and 226 square feet in size. The accessible cabin is 362 square feet.

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P&O Cruises – Iona :

P&O Iona Conservatory Mini Suite Options

The conservatory mini-suite option is exclusively available on the Ion and Arvia, its sister ship. These lovely cabins house a large corner couch set between the outdoor space and the bedroom.

What’s Included in the Conservatory Mini Suite?

The Iona’s conservatory mini suites resemble balcony cabins but have a bit more space. However, they are smaller than the P&O Cruise Suite. You will appreciate a suite if your goal is to experience world-class luxury.

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P&O Cruises – Iona :

P&O Iona Suites

The Iona’s suites are found on decks fifteen and nine. They are positioned on the corners of the deck to offer wraparound balconies at the ship’s back with fantastic sea views.

For a larger group, the Family Sea View Suite is a wonderful option. Both Family Sea View Suites are situated on the Promenade Deck. These suites do not include balconies and are a bit smaller than the forward suites.

Each Family Sea View Suite sleeps up to four passengers and offers a living room with a separate bedroom area. Some great benefits of staying in a suite include complimentary chocolates and fresh fruit, butler services, and priority boarding.

All the suites on the P&O Iona range between 430 and 530 square feet in size. You’ll find an open and airy space with modern furnishing and facilities, including lounge chairs, sofas, air conditioning, and cozy accessories, in all the suites to make your cruise vacation as comfortable as possible.

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P&O Cruises – Iona :

P&O Iona’s Family Cabins

All Iona cabins sleep between one and four passengers. If your cabin includes a sofa bed, your cabin steward will ensure that the bed is folded neatly away so you can enjoy dinner in your cabin. If your family is a bit larger and includes five or more passengers, you will be distributed across two separate cabins, and there are connecting cabins available for just such instances.

Connecting cabins include a door passengers can move through to reach family members in the next room. Any children younger than 16 are required to share a cabin with an adult.

Families going on a cruise on the P&O Iona should consider getting any one of the following cabin types:

  • The Family Sea View Suite
  • Large indoor cabins
  • Sea View Cabins
  • Conservatory Mini Suite
  • Deluxe balcony cabins

Cruising Alone

Single cabins are spread out over various locations on the ship. Some cruise ships strategically position all the single cabins close together, so solo travelers have the opportunity to meet other solo travelers, but the Iona does it differently.

P&O Iona Accessible Cabins

P&O Iona offers numerous accessible cabins for passengers in wheelchairs. Accessible cabins are available in all cabin types, which are usually located in close proximity to the lifts. Accessible cabins are often booked out, so if you require such a cabin, it is better to book well in advance.

Iona Cabins You Should Avoid

Deck 8 Balconies

The cabins located on the Promenade decks are rather unusual. Deck 8 is known as the Promenade deck, and passengers can walk around the whole ship here. The Promenade deck is a great place to hang out as all the bars, hot tubs, and dining areas are located here, and the cabins all have balconies.

Although this all sounds very nice, the balconies on the Promenade deck have extremely little privacy. The chairs on the balconies of the promenade deck are set right outside, and the larger balconies seem to have the least privacy, as everyone walking by can see right onto your balcony.

Although you might get a large balcony with one of these balcony cabins, you’ll have to sacrifice the peace and privacy you may seek on your cruise. So if this is what you are looking for, avoid all the cabins on deck 8. This issue of privacy is quite severe with all of the balcony cabins located on this deck, including the conservatory mini-suites and the cabins facing forward.

Balcony Cabins Overlooked by Others

Although the balcony size is a massive perk, some of the balcony cabins on the Iona don’t offer much privacy. The balcony cabins next to the balconies on the corners are especially daunting, as you’ll continuously be adjacent to your neighbors who have much larger balcony space. The view from these balconies is also often blocked by neighboring balconies. These rooms frequently go for the same price, so it is quite a waste if you’re not getting the most out of your money.

Cabins That the Bridge Overlooks

The bridge is the place on the ship where all the officers look out of the ship to navigate its maneuvers. It is worth noting that all the balconies located on the forward-facing end of the ship can be seen from the bridge, which somewhat disturbs your privacy. These cabins are found between the numbers 10101 to 10108, 11101 to 11108, 12103 to 12110, 14101 to 14110, 15101 to 15108, 8181 to 8108, and 9102 to 9109.

The officers will surely be more focused on the navigation of the cruise line than what’s going on on your balcony, but if you don’t like the idea of someone having a view of your activities, you’d be better off going for a balcony cabin on the aft end of the ship.

A Balcony Cabin With an Obstructed Sea View

Once again, deck 8 features as being home to some of the least wanted cabins, as many of the cabins are set right by the infinity whirlpools, which obstructs the view you could have of the ocean.

A group of people soaking in the hot tub might not be the view you want when you walk out on your balcony. However, if a good view isn’t your top priority, you may enjoy being able to just hop in the water any time you please.

Cabins That Cause Seasickness

If you don’t have an iron stomach and you’re concerned about feeling sick on your cruise, it would be best to book a cabin set on a lower deck. You’ll be the least affected by the movements on the ship in the middle of the boat. Although, P&O Iona is a massive, contemporary ship, and you’re not likely to feel too queasy onboard.

Cabins Close To Smoking Areas

Getting a cabin in close proximity to the smoking area may be beneficial if you are a smoker, but for non-smokers, it could potentially be very uncomfortable. This is especially relevant if you don’t want the smells of cigarettes clouding your lovely balcony cabin.

Avoid booking a balcony cabin or suite on Deck 8 if you don’t want the smoky smell on Iona.

It’s true that wind direction can affect smoking cabins, so don’t assume that yours will always be smoky. Guests who chose the balcony cabin accommodation on Deck 10 have reported that they never get bothered by smoke.

A Balcony Cabin Underneath the Infinity Pool

You’ll find a wonderful infinity pool at the back of P&O Iona, but booking a cabin right beneath it is not your wisest option. Children often find it enjoyable to splash the water over the pool’s edge, which then lands directly on the balconies below.

The middle cabins at the aft of the ship get the worst of the splashing, so opt for a balcony cabin right next to them, which goes for the same price.

Summary of Iona Cabins: Cabin Sizes, Balcony Sizes, Locations, Features

Single Cabins

The onboard standard and single cabins are large and comfortable, measuring between 101 and 213 square feet. These rooms are perfect if you plan to spend most of your time on deck or if you want to save money on travel. The Seaview cabins are identical in design to these rooms, except they lack a window.

Cabin size: 135 square feet

Balcony size: 20 square feet

Locations: Decks 5, 9, 11, 14

Features: air conditioning, TV, fridge, tea- & coffee-making facilities, bathroom with shower, hairdryer, White Company toiletries, sleeps two

Standard Inside Cabin

Cabin size: 135 square feet

Balcony size: no balcony

Locations: decks 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17

Features: Bathroom with shower, air conditioning, fridge, tea- & coffee-making facilities, hairdryer, White Company toiletries, TV, sleeps four

Large Inside Cabin

Cabin size: 190 square feet

Balcony size: No Balcony

Locations: Decks 5, 4, 11, 9, 14

Features: Bathroom with shower, air conditioning, fridge, tea- & coffee-making facilities, hairdryer, White Company toiletries, TV, sleeps four

Iona Sea View Cabins

Iona’s Sea View cabins, which are well-designed and spacious, offer a room with a view without outdoor space. The 210 to 307 square foot models are a terrific value, with all the little extras you require. Their layouts are similar to those of their inside cabin counterparts, but with a window looking out onto the ocean.

Cabin size: 210+ square feet

Balcony size: No balcony

Locations: Decks 4 and 5

Features: Bathroom with shower, air conditioning, fridge, tea- & coffee-making facilities, hairdryer, White Company toiletries, TV, window with sea view, sleeps four

Iona Deluxe Balcony Cabins

I adore a balcony cabin. I prefer to eat breakfast outside without getting out of my pajamas, and I drift off to the sound and scent of the sea at night. If you prefer your own private alfresco space, these are the perfect option.

Cabin size: 107 to 300 square feet

Balcony size: 20 square feet

Locations: Decks 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15

Features: Bathroom with shower, air conditioning, fridge, tea- & coffee-making facilities, hairdryer, White Company toiletries, TV, balcony with sea view, sleeps four

Iona Standard Balcony Cabin

Cabin size: 170 square feet

Balcony size: 20 square feet

Locations: Decks 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Features: Bathroom with shower, air conditioning, fridge, tea- & coffee-making facilities, hairdryer, White Company toiletries, TV, balcony with sea view, sleeps four

Small Balcony Cabin

Cabin size: 150 square feet

Balcony size: 20 square feet

Locations: Decks 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17

Features: Bathroom with shower, air conditioning, fridge, tea- & coffee-making facilities, hairdryer, White Company toiletries, TV, balcony with sea view, sleeps four

Family Sea View Suite

Cabin size: 330 square feet

Balcony size: No balcony

Locations: Deck 8

Features: Bathroom with shower, air conditioning, fridge, tea- & coffee-making facilities, hairdryer, White Company toiletries, TV, window with sea view, sleeps four

Iona’s Conservatory Mini Suite

These elegantly furnished balcony-equipped Conservatory Mini-Suites are worth splurging on, as they provide plenty of living space. These suites are available in generous numbers aboard the ship.

A separate, conservatory-inspired room is incorporated as part of the Conservatory Mini-Suite cabin concept. The room is situated between the cabin and the balcony and includes a unique L-shaped sofa arrangement to create a distinctive lounge setting.

Cabin size: 255 square feet

Balcony size: 20 square feet

Locations: Decks 8 and 9

Features: Balcony with outside furniture, two-sing vanity unit, bathroom with shower or shower over bath, air conditioning, fridge, L-shapes couch, lounge area, White Company toiletries, hairdryer, tea- & coffee-making facilities, TV, sleeps four

Two-Room Sky Suite

P&O Iona has 24 Sky Suites if you want to really splurge. These lavishly opulent yet modern suites are extravagantly furnished.

Sky Suites, either located at the rear or fore of the vessel, are similar to boutique-hotel rooms in terms of style and layout. They can be connected to other rooms to create a large living space. A comfortable sofa, lounge chairs, ottoman chairs, and lots of cozy throws and cushions are among the contemporary furnishings found in the Sky Suites. Double sink vanity units with white and black marble walls and floors complement the spacious, luxurious bathrooms.

An exquisite whirlpool tub is available for added luxury in all suites. Dressing areas, sleeping and living sections, and large terraces are present in all the suites of the Iona. Passengers have the opportunity to enjoy the same view the captain has from their balconies.

Cabin size: 400 square feet

Balcony size: 110 square feet

Locations: Decks 15, 14, 12, 11, 10, 9

Features: Elegant furniture, lounge chairs, sofa, spacious bathroom, 2-sink vanity, large balcony with sea view, tea- & coffee-making facilities, White Company toiletries, TV, hairdryer, air conditioning, sleeps four

Cabin Layout On The Iona

P&O Cruises has not yet released any information regarding the layout of its cabins, floor plans, or deck plans. Therefore, it’s impossible to know precisely where everything in the cabins will be positioned or what would be included in the different cabin types and suites. However, P&O Iona consists of a design that is almost identical to that of the cruise lines AIDA cruises, so if you want to get a better sense of the cabin layout, you can take a look at that of the Costa Smeralda and AIDA Nova.

The Costa Smeralda and AIDA Nova do not feature conservatory mini-suites, however, but the junior suites on these ships would resemble these new suites closely.