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Lavender Fields: Oregon

Louise D.

We are all familiar with these images. Endless rows of fragrant lavender, resembling a serene stream, cascading across a field. It’s so picturesque that it almost appears unreal.

But what if someone told you that lavender farms are probably within your reach? And not only that, but you can find yourself in one of these breathtaking fields on a stunning lavender farm right in your backyard in Oregon.

We have compiled a list of the best lavender farms in Oregon.

At some of these farms you might be able to pick your own lavender bouquets. Some will allow a private photo shoot, others are wedding venues, and many have their own bespoke lavender-inspired products.

The best time to visit Oregon lavender farms is between mid-June and July which is the official lavender season and will see the lavender fields in full bloom. In August you can expect season typically winds which might hinder some of your plans, but will still allow for fantastic views and a fairytale experience.

In Oregon many of the best lavender farms can be found south of Portland, and a handful near Madras, Redmond, and Columbia River Gorge.

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History of Lavender

Lavender comes from the Middle East, India, and the Mediterranean. It’s believed to be somewhere around 2,500 years old. Lavender was believed to be included in the Holy Essence and was cultivated as a sacred herb. It is even mentioned in the Bible in the Song of Solomon as ‘Spikenard’ or ‘Nard’.

The word “lavender’ comes from the Latin word ‘lavare’ meaning “to wash or clean”.

Ancient Romans used lavender as a beauty product added to their bath water. It was also used as a perfume on their clothes, as floral arrangements in their hair, and as fabric fragrance in beds. They were also aware of its remedial and medical properties.

Today lavender is extensively grown in various places around the world, including New Zealand, Europe, Australia, and North and South America, including Southern Oregon. Overall lavender is known as a profitable crop and has a large variety of benefits and uses.

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Lavender Fields Forever

This Oregon lavender farm is part of the Southern Oregon Lavender Trail in Applegate Valley. The founders and owners are a firefighter and his wife who moved to Jacksonville in 2019. They purchased this property with a functioning lavender farm already in place.

In addition to enjoying the lavender fields there are a number of products and activities that guests have access to. Aside from the shop full of organic lavender products there is harvesting, wreath making, and even classes on making essential oil.

Around Lavender Fields Forever are a number of vineyards where you can go wine tasting. If you want to stay overnight there are some RV hookup spots right on this lavender farm.

Lavender Valley

At the base of Mt Hood River Fruit Loop is the beautiful Lavender Valley down the road that leads to Parkdale. At Lavender Valley pets and children are welcome. Everyone can learn about harvests and the ten types of lavender on the farm. You can also learn how farmers distill essential oil and how other botanical products are made. Visitors can pick their own lavender and can choose from a variety of botanical products for sale, like jams, body balms, and organic lavender honey.

Lavender Valley has an entrance fee and allows for people to book a private photo shoot in the lavender fields.

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Mt Hood River Lavender Farms

The Mt Hood River Lavender Farms in Columbia River Gorge is one of the best lavender farms in Oregon. Just 15 minutes outside of Hood River is the Stave & Stone Winery right next to Hood River Lavender Farms. At this Oregon lavender farm you can find fields of lavender and fantastic views of Mount Adams, Mt Hood, and the surrounding vineyards.

There is a store on-site where visitors can buy pure essential oil, bubble bath, and lavender-scented soap. During the summer there is an outdoor bar open on weekends where visitors can enjoy a glass of wine while grabbing a seat at one of the picnic tables scattered around the vibrant fields. From June to September you can also indulge in their U-Pick lavender program when the lavender is in full bloom.

Hood River lavender farms are open all throughout the year and entrance is free. If you want to book a private photo shoot you will need to do so outside of opening hours and there is a charge for these photo shoots.

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RavenCroft Lavender Farms

RavenCroft is in Willamette Valley in the middle of wine country. This is the perfect place to visit during flower season where you can stroll around the lavender field over the weekend. Because this farm grows English lavender, flower season typically begins around May and can go throughout the summer months when their French varieties will catch on.

There is a small shop on the premises that stocks essential oils and a few items that lavender enthusiasts will love.

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Wayward Winds Lavender

Wayward Winds Lavender is in Newberg. This lavender farm takes pride in handcrafting premier lavender products. They specialize in all things organic, from loose-leaf tea, essential oils, lavender syrup, lavender lemonade, and many other lavender body products.

As one of the larger lavender fields on our list they have an extensive U-pick program, lavender wreath-making classes, and a lavender maze. They are open daily throughout July and allow for pre-booked photo shoots with access to on-site props included.

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Cascade Lavender

Cascade lavender in Central Oregon sports over 100 types of lavender including hues of pink and white in addition to usual purples. On this lavender farm you can find an array of farm animals including alpacas, horses, and chickens to visit. You can also pick some lavender to take home, explore the plant nursery, and relax at one of the picnic tables on the grounds.

Groups can book a guided tour that includes either a lavender lunch or English Tea.

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Growing Miracles Lavender Garden

These lavender fields are on a hazelnut farm near Roseburg next to the Umpqua River. They have been growing lavender for a while now and have amassed about 4,000 lavender plants. If you are on an Umpqua Valley Wine Tour, Growing Miracles is a great place to stop by. There are many events hosted on this farm like the July Lavender Festival. There are also yoga classes in the lavender fields and paint nights to enjoy.

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Eagle Creek Lavender

With the Clackamas River and thick foliage framing it, this Oregon lavender farm takes up 12 acres, making it one of the biggest lavender farms in the Oregon area. Eagle Creek has a lot to offer visitors, including organic lavender honey, lotion, essential oil, and sachets made from the 15 different types of lavender harvested from these lavender fields.

This farm also hosts the Clackamas River Lavender Festival each year where you can see classic cars, antiques, food stalls, and live music.

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Mountainside Lavender

Mountainside Lavender is a U-pick lavender farm in Hillsboro with amazing purple fields against a picturesque mountain backdrop. Like many other Oregon lavender farms on our list you can try interacting with some of the farm animals like alpacas and goats, try some organic lavender products, or take a wreath-making class.

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Durant at Red Ridge Farms

Durant at Red Ridge Farms is one of the older Oregon lavender farms on our list and has much more to offer than their expansive and gorgeous purple fields of lavender. At its inception this was a grape-growing farm, but today there is enough to do to keep you and the family busy all day.

Choose from a gift shop, plant nursery, commercial olive oil mill, olive groves, tasting room, and a vineyard.

This farm also hosts one of the many Lavender festivals in the area. There is also overnight accommodation which offers the perfect opportunity for a weekend away in Willamette Valley wine country.

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Interesting Facts about Lavender

Here are some interesting facts to muse over while you are strolling through an Oregon lavender field.

  • Lavender is a member of the mint family.
  • Lavender is good for your skin and hair when used in essential oils.
  • It is edible, so it can be a delicious additive to pastries and cakes.
  • There are many different species of lavender that comes in different colors, including whites and pinks.
  • Lavender oil has various healing properties and can be used as an anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, and an antiseptic.
  • Its healing properties are great for skin problems, sunburns, minor cuts, and insect bites.
  • Lavender fields grow well in dry conditions with lots of sunshine and the plants require almost no fertilizer.
  • Lavender attracts a lot of bees, making lavender farms great for beekeeping and honey-making.
  • Lavender is an evergreen plant and does not lose its leaves in fall.
  • Mature lavender plans can survive entirely without water.
  • Lavender was used in Egyptian mummification.
  • Even though lavender attracts bees, it serves well as an insect and pest repellant and can work so well at this that neighboring plants are protected.
  • Lavender is a natural headache remedy.
  • Globally there are 39 lavender species with 400 varieties. Colors range from the usual purple to blue and green and even white and pink.
  • Lavender is pet safe and its bug-repellent and healing properties can benefit pets’ safely as well.
  • Pure essential oil of lavender is expensive to produce as 27 square feet of harvested lavender only produces around 15 milliliters of lavender oil, making it an expensive addition to any farm store.
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Closing Word on Lavender Fields in Oregon

As we have seen on this list, most Oregon lavender farms have more to offer than fresh lavender fields. We all love a field of lavender and fantastic views, but sometimes having an outdoor bar, a farm stand where you can buy things like bubble bath, a farm tour, or full bloom U-pick programs so you can make your own lavender bouquet just adds that little bit extra to your experience.

In addition, there is usually a lavender festival on some lavender farms in Oregon. You can also fit in some wine tasting at the surrounding vineyards.