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Carnival Suite Perks 2022

Suites are undoubtedly the best rooms to book on Carnival cruise ships. Those who are considering upgrading from balcony cabins to suites should explore the benefits of a suite to navigate whether it is worth it or not.

Some Carnival suite perks are more noteworthy than others, and moreover, certain suites offer more perks than others. Whichever suite you go with, you can rest assured that you will receive only the best quality from one of the leaders in the cruise industry.

This guide to all the suites of the Carnival Cruise Line will go into the benefits you get to enjoy with every type of suite, along with some perks you may expect but won’t get.

Ocean Suite

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Carnival Suite Perks

The suites on Carnival Cruise ships feature separate sleeping and sitting areas. Suite guests may also have the benefit of boarding and disembarking first, receiving priority check-in, free laundry service, and dining times based on individual dining preferences.

You can expect top-quality service as the suite room attendants are the best on the ship. There are different perks associated with the various types of suites on Carnival cruises. We will cover all the Carnival Cruise suites along with their relevant perks below.

Is Upgrading to a Suite Worth It?

If a separate sleeping and separate living space, additional perks, and extra space are something that you value, upgrading to a suite on a Carnival cruise ship may be worth the money.

Conversely, if you don’t want to spend too much, a suite may not be the best way to go, as suites easily cost twice as much as regular balcony cabins.

If you want to upgrade from a balcony cabin to a suite on a Carnival Cruise, you should certainly consider the dramatic price difference and the additional perks you can expect to get for your money.

It is also worth noting that gratuities go up for suite guests. On a Carnival cruise, the gratuities for suite guests stand at $16,50 per day for every person and $14,50 per day for everyone else.

All Suites on Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival cruise ships offer a wide range of suites. The suite types vary depending on the ship.

The newest ships, Carnival Celebration and Mardi Gras, feature ‘Excel’ suites with the finest benefits.

All the Suites and Suite Categories on Carnival Cruise Ships:
  • Excel Aft Suites
  • Excel Presidential Suites
  • Excel Suites
  • Excel Corner Suites
  • Grand Vista Suites
  • Captain’s Suites
  • Grand Suites
  • Ocean Suites
  • Vista Suites
  • Cloud 9 Spa Suites
  • Junior Suites
  • Havana Cabana Corner Suites
  • Havana Cabana Suite
  • Family Harbor Ocean View Suites
  • Family Harbor Suites
Get VIP status with suite

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There are several suite perks that you will get with whatever Carnival cruise ship suite you decide to book.

So whether you go with the most expensive suite or the cheapest suite available, there are seven perks you will always receive.

Junior suites are the least expensive suites available on Carnival cruise ships, and even they include the benefits we will discuss shortly.

This protocol differs from Royal Caribbean in that the Junior Suites on Royal Caribbean cruise ships don’t offer nearly as many benefits as the more expensive Grand Suites. The same goes for Princess Cruise suites, where the perks included in their standard suites differ from that of the mini-suites.

(1) Dining Preference

When you are booking a cabin or suite on a Carnival cruise ship, you have dining times you can choose from. Early dining takes place at 17:30, while the anytime dining option lets you have dinner anytime between 17:30 and 21:00. Although the anytime dining option seems perfect, you may wait around half an hour for a table.

Although guests can designate their preferred dining times, it isn’t always an option. However, Carnival ships always give their suite guests their preferred choice of dining times, along with guaranteed reservations at specialty restaurants.

(2) Priority Embarkation and Special Check-in Privileges

Suite guests on Carnival cruises always receive perks regarding the check-in procedure. The cruise documents of suite guests are marked with a stamp as soon as they get to the port so they have access to the Priority Lounge, where they’ll get priority boarding privileges.

(3) Priority Debarkation Privileges

Suite guests on a Carnival cruise always debark the ship first, whether the ship stops at a port or ends the journey. Suite guests also receive priority service in ports where a water shuttle is needed to get them from the ship to the shore. Suite guests get to go to the priority line when a ship docks at a port.

(4) Free Water

Every suite on a Carnival cruise ship includes two free bottles of water. If these two large bottles don’t do the trick, ordering water from the bar or via room service is quite affordable. Moreover, tap water is completely safe for consumption.

(5) Free Laundry Service

Carnival cruise suite guests can have one free bag of dirty laundry washed for each person. The regular rate for a wash and fold is only $15, however, so getting a bag of laundry washed isn’t too expensive anyway.

Other laundry services, such as pressing and dry cleaning, always cost more for both regular guests and suite guests.

(6) Service From the Top Room Attendants

The ship’s best room attendants are appointed as suite room stewards. So if you are staying in any one of the Carnival cruise suites, you can expect the best service from highly experienced attendants.

You can rest assured that your suite will always be squeaky clean and tidy, and you will have the best service at your beck and call.

(7) Luxury Bathrobes

Suite guests of the Carnival Cruise Line are always provided with free bathrobes to enjoy for the entire duration of the cruise.

A sneaky tip for a Carnival cruise is that practically anyone can get a luxurious bathrobe regardless of their cabin type. Just ask your room attendant for a robe, and they will provide one for free, although you may be expected to give them a tip.

Cloud 9 Spa thermal suite

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Specialty Carnival Suite Perks

In addition to all the standard perks mentioned above, there are some extra perks and upgraded amenities that come with the specialty suites of Carnival Cruise Line.

Perks of Carnival Excel Suites

  • A dedicated concierge phone line
  • Priority cabana reservations and access to Loft 19, which features a private pool surrounded by cabanas and loungers
  • Specialty restaurants guaranteed reservations
  • Soft drinks package (Bottomless Bubbles)
  • Fruit bowl and sparkling wine
  • Complementary room service
  • Upgraded amenities in the bathroom
  • Unlimited free laundry services
  • Access to the Havana pool area and Thermal Suites

Perks of the Carnival Cloud 9 Spa Suites

  • Guaranteed spa reservations
  • Unlimited visits to thermal suites
  • Two free fitness classes for every suite guest
  • Spa treatment discounts on port days
  • Slippers and bathrobes (spa-branded)
  • Complementary body composition analysis
  • Elemis bathroom toiletries

Perks of the Carnival Family Harbor Suites

  • Children can eat for free in many specialty restaurants
  • Entrance to the Family Harbor Lounge, featuring snacks, breakfasts, board games, video games, and family movies
  • One free Night Owls babysitting night

Perks of the Carnival Havana Suites

  • Unlimited access to the Havana Pool area in the daytime
Havana Cabana suite exterior

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Carnival Suite Perks You May Expect But Won’t Get

There are certainly some VIP perks you may expect to get when you book a suite with Carnival Cruise Line, but most of them are only given to Platinum guests, VIFP Diamond guests, or guests that opted for a Faster To The Fun package.

Priority luggage

Countless luggage and bags need to be processed by Carnival Cruise Line and then delivered to the appropriate cabin or suite. Only Platinum guests, VIFP Diamnon guests, and those that got the Faster To The Fun package will receive the luggage first. Suite guests’ luggage, however, is not prioritized.

Immediate Access to Room

Your suite may not be ready for you the moment you board the ship, and you may have to wait in the public areas for a while. If you’re not a platinum or VIFP Diamond guest and you want to go straight to your stateroom after boarding, the best way to go is to purchase a Faster To The Fun Package.

Dedicated Phone Number and Priority Line for Services

The service team aboard Carnival cruise ships sometimes gets incredibly busy. Although there is a VIP phone number and a priority line available at the front desk, it isn’t meant for suite guests. Only Platinum guests, VIFP Diamond guests, and guests with the Faster To The Fun package can make use of this service.

Family Harbor suite

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Carnival Cruise Line Suite Perks FAQs

What is meant by an Ocean Suite on Carnival cruise ships?

An Ocean Suite is a standard Carnival cruise suite, which generally features walk-in closets, bathtubs, spacious balconies, and certain perks, including priority check-in and dining times preferences.

Which suite on a Carnival cruise ship is the largest?

The largest suites on Carnival cruise ships are the Presidential Suites, which have an area of 475 square feet and a balcony of an astonishing 645 square feet. Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration both have two Presidential Suites.

How many people can sleep in one suite on a Carnival cruise ship?

Some of the suites on many Carnival cruise ships can sleep up to five people. Larger groups and families can opt for two connecting rooms to ensure everyone is close together. Many other suites only accommodate two or three guests.

Which suite on the Carnival cruise ship is the smallest?

The Junior Suites are the smaller suits on a Carnival ship. However, they are a bit larger than standard balcony cabins, and they include some great perks, including priority boarding and debarking and dining preferences.

In Conclusion

Compared to balcony cabins, Carnival Cruise Line’s suites come with several advantages. You will receive enhanced amenities in your room such as a walk-in closet, a bathtub, and a separate living area. Beyond guaranteeing you first-class service, the resort offers water shuttle services to take you directly to the front of the line.