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Best Restaurants In Huntsville, AL

Louise D.

What could possibly be more satisfying than indulging in comforting southern cuisine, delectable Italian dishes, or the most delicious steak in the state? As nourishment is a basic need, we have curated an extensive list of top-notch eateries in Huntsville, Alabama, guaranteeing not only a scrumptious meal, but also a memorable dining experience. These restaurants in Huntsville cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Cotton Row

Cotton Row has been around since 2018 and remains one of the best southern style seafood restaurants in Huntsville. This is an absolute utopia for seafood lovers, but they have something for everyone. The mouth watering classic seafood dishes are to die for.

Starters like the Butter Braised Maine Lobster and Southern Seafood Chowder can help set the mood. Their chowder at Cotton Row is especially delicious. Some restaurant favorite main courses on the menu are the Grilled Atlantic Salmon and Dashi Braised Halibut. But do not fear, if seafood is not for you try the Porcini and Truffle Mushroom Ravioli with marjoram, aged parmesan, beef short rib, and shaved porcini. As one of the most popular restaurants on our list, it is the entrees that absolutely ensure the success of this restaurant.

We cannot skip the desserts on this delicious menu. They have a Peanut Butter and Jelly in Phyllo dessert along with Warm Toffee Pudding Cake. We also recommend their brilliant cocktail selection like the Lola or White Linen. If you are visiting Huntsville, AL, you have to stop by Cotton Row.

Cotton Row |
Cotton Row website

The Bottle

The Bottle is traditional southern food with a strong French influence. They use fantastic local ingredients to make amazing classics that aren’t generally available everywhere. Their starters include Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes and Blackened Tuna Tataki providing something to tantalize everyone.

Some fan favorite entrees include the Pan Seared Gulf Yellowfin Tuna and Springer Mountain Chicken Pasta. Their dishes provide great variety. Dessert is also fantastic including the Peach Almond Cake and the French Flan. When it comes to French-inspired dishes at Huntsville restaurants, The Bottle is one of our top choices.

The Bottle |
The Bottle website

Walton’s Southern Table

This is definitely one of the best Huntsville restaurants due to their delicious southern meals that just scream pride in Alabama. Walton’s is the best place to find quintessential comfort food. Famous starters are the Fried Okra Bowl with Dip, and Fried Green Tomatoes with Dip. This is the perfect way to start you dining experience.

Some of the local favorites on their entree menu. If you are in love with southern seafood then try the Fried Catfish Fillets, but if seafood is not your thing then the Pot Roast and Rosemary Baked Chicken from their Southern Table. There are also options for vegetarians.

Their dessert menu is full of pie! Coconut Cream Pie, Chocolate Pie, or Lemon Ice Box Pie are the three choices.

Toy Box Bistro

When it comes to restaurants in Huntsville, AL this one has both a great atmosphere and great food! They are a self-declared and proud “Nerd Restaurant” and are full of “nerd” paraphernalia for visitors to peruse. Having fun is really important at this restaurant.

Their appetizers include Rings ‘O Fire, Buffalo Chicken Rangoons, and In Queso Emergency. They have divided their menu into sections like sandwiches or burgers. If you have the stomach for spicy things we highly recommend the Hades Burger which is loaded with ghost chili cheese to bring the spice to the next level. Or if you prefer breakfast food without the spice, you can try the Bill’s Good Morning Burger with fried eggs and bacon.

If you’re feeling adventurous they also have a burger with peanut butter, ghost chili cheese, and bacon – the PB&Yay. If you prefer sandwiches, try the Huntsvegas Hot Chicken Sandwich. This Huntsville restaurant offers up a really unique dining experience with inventive dishes and an exciting atmosphere.

The Toybox Bistro |
The Toybox Bistro website

Commerce Kitchen

The motto at Commerce Kitchen, since it opened its doors in 2010, has been the “Soul of the South”. And today it remains one of the best restaurants in Huntsville. They provide the perfect blend of Southern cuisine and the timeless elegance of upscale restaurants. Their most popular starters are the Cornmeal Crusted Gulf Oysters, Fried Green Tomatoes with pimento cheese, and Maryland Crab Cakes.

By far the most popular dish on their menu is the Coffee Crusted New York Strip Steak. If you prefer seafood you can try the Panned Seared Red Snapper instead. They also have a delicious selection of sides that will be difficult to choose between. To name only a few, there are Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries, and Cheddar Bacon Mac and Cheese.

The Commerce Kitchen |
The Commerce Kitchen website

West End Grill

Breakfast is one thing, but a good lunch can do wonders to improve your day after a hectic morning. West End Grill is one of our favorite lunch restaurants in Huntsville, AL. They seem to identify as a neighborhood pub and the locals tend to agree. Like other local restaurants they open mid-morning and close around midnight. Their Express Lunch Menu is particularly popular.

The Express Lunch Menu is perfect for professionals who don’t have much time for their Lunch breaks. West End Grill is devoted to delivering these express meals quickly so that business people can eat their food at their leisure before returning to work with time to spare. All your southern favorites can be found on this menu, but in smaller portions. Like the Mississippi Pot Roast, Country Fried Chicken, and Mr. Charles’ Meatloaf.

There are also vegetarian options on their general menu, like the Veggie Combo Platter. This locally owned restaurant has something for everyone.

Rookiez Wingz

Rookiez Wingz, as the name suggests, has the best wings in Huntsville. In fact, their wings make them one of the best restaurants in Huntsville. From the time that they first opened in 2017 they have been serving 17 flavors of wings, including Rookiez Sauce, Teriyaki, Honey Gold, Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, Hot, and Mild.

They also allow patrons to choose whether they want whole wings, Boneless wings, or bone-in wings, and you can also choose some combos. They have a wide variety of sides like Season Fries, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Pickle Spears, Fried Okra, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Chicken Salad. There are also loaded French Fries.

Nick’s Ristorante

Any list of Huntsville restaurants must include a place that serves the best steak. North Alabama is home to some amazing restaurants, even places that serve international food, wine, and cocktails. Nick’s marries the homely feel of southern steakhouses with a delightful Italian twist.

Soon after they opened in 2010 Huntsville residents realised that this was one of their best Huntsville restaurants, especially for someone looking for a great steak in a Fine Dining style. You can find all the classic steaks on their menu, like the Filet Mignon, Ribeye, and New York Strip. In addition, they also have New Zealand Lamb Racks and Duck Breasts. They also have a Porter House option for two.

Steak is often paired with seafood, and Nick’s has amazing seafood options that can go with your meal. Your steak dish can be accompanied by crab leg, prawn, and lobster tail. Their Large New England Sea Diver Scallops are also a popular choice. Additionally, their plates of pasta are divine, but even though they offer great Italian dishes, they do not serve pizza.

Nick's Restorante |
Nick’s Restorante website

City Cafe Diner

The City Cafe Diner is arguably the best place in Huntsville for breakfast. Their menu is extensive and can be divided into Griddle Specialities, Cafe Specials, and Eggs. Their Eggs menu is specifically packed with delicious dishes. If you are vegetarian, their Garden Omelette is great, some other options are the Greek Omelette, Italian Omelette, and Meat Lovers Omelette. They also have other meals like Steak and Eggs or Corn Beef Hash and Eggs. Their Griddle Specials are particularly popular, like the Belgium Waffles or Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and of course, since its breakfast, there is also the French Toast Deluxe.

Phil Sandoval’s

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Huntsville, AL. Their signature dishes are quite unique and the menu offers an exciting food experience. It won’t be difficult to find something that you will love as there is quite a large selection of delicacies to choose from.

The overall menu has been broken up into a number of sections, like Phil’s Signature Entrees, American Favorites, Mexican Combos, Fajitas, Traditional Entrees, Enchiladas, soups and salads, and appetizers. This alone should tell you that there really are a lot of options to choose from. Starters like Phil’s Deluxe Blanco or the Fajita Nachos are always delicious, and from there you need to choose your destination for entrees. Traditional options like Tamales or Chili Relleno, or the Poblano Chicken Soup are favorites.

Their choices of Enchiladas will not disappoint. Choose between pork, beef, cheese, or chicken. Or take a look at their Fajita which are available in shrimp, chicken, beef, or any combination of these. However, their reputation as one of the best restaurants in Huntsville certainly comes from Phil’s Signature Entrees. These include options like Shrimp Enchiladas, White Shrimp Fajitas, and Shrimp Quesadillas. One of the most popular items on their menu is the Big Fish Tacos which is any seafood lover’s dream.

1892 East

All of this restaurant’s meat, fish, vegetables, and other ingredients are sourced locally. They work closely with local farmers to ensure that they serve the freshest and best food in their Northern Alabama region. The menu is divided into dinner, lunch, or brunch and there is something on each of these to delight your senses.

If it’s a burger that you crave, try the 1892 Burger which is one of the most popular dishes on their menu. However, if you’re in the mood for something else we recommend the Mushroom Pot Pie for that traditional southern feel. Their Stuffed Trout or Crispy Shrimp and Grits also make for a great seafood dish if you prefer to eat some fresh seafood.

Additionally, they also have delicious vegetarian options like the Portobello meal. 1892 Is definitely one of the best restaurants in Huntsville for its atmosphere and fresh delicious food.

1892 East |
1892 East website


The Purveyor is a very popular downtown Huntsville restaurant, especially for patrons who are on the hunt for something more upscale.

Since they opened in 2017, this restaurant has been serving excellent beverages and delicious food that have secured its reputation as one of the best Huntsville restaurants. Their drink menu is full of unique bourbons, local craft beers, and select wines that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

Their menu is largely seasonal, but they have a selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts to tantalize your taste buds. When we visited the Purveyor we enjoyed the Beef Tartare and House Cornbread as part of our meal. There are some really special options on the menu for your meal, like their Purveyor Burger and the A-5 Wagyu Taco. They also have options to share, like the Kan Kan Pork Chop which serves two. Their small plates and sides include delicacies like Truffle Mac and Cheese or Pommes Puree.

Church Street Family |
Church Street Family website

Closing Thoughts

With our list of best restaurants in Huntsville we strive to bring together the best options available that cater to everyone. We have included everything from breakfast to seafood, wings, or steaks, so whatever you want to eat, we’ve got you covered.

When in Alabama you cannot leave without indulging in the best southern comfort food the region has to offer, including the best BBQ, pizza, burgers, and brunch.