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8 Best and Fun Things To Do In Warwick, New York State

For those who want to wander through scenic natural settings, Warwick is the place to be. A world of adventure and relaxation awaits in this little piece of paradise.

Visitors from all over the country are drawn to the enchanting biking trails on rustic roads all along the mesmerizing  Appalachians, and the two local lakes open a world of waterside fun. From golf excursions to horseback riding in breathtaking landscapes, Warwick is the perfect place to get away from it all and be immersed in nature. The winter months bring cross-country skiing adventures, and the village is adorned with charming inns and eateries to warm up in. The kids will be entertained for hours at the local park playgrounds, and their parents can indulge in exquisite wines at the nearby vineyard.

Warwick is an idyllic break away from the hustle and bustle of city life and is sure to keep you wanting more. Be sure to check out all the amazing attractions listed below to make your visit to Warwick one you’ll always remember.

The 8 Most Popular Things To Do In Warwick, New York State

8. Lewis Park

4.8 ★★★★★ (6 reviews)

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Credit: Daniel L. Devine, Google Maps

Location: 80 92 Main Street Warwick NY

Tel:  845 986 3236

Web Address:

7. Glenmere Lake

4.0 ★★★★☆ (15 reviews)

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Credit: Igor Ostrovsky, Google Maps

6. The Warwick Historical Society

4.9 ★★★★★ (17 reviews)

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Credit: The Warwick Historical Society, Google Maps

Location: A W Buckbee Center Box 353 2 Colonial Ave Warwick NY

Tel:  845 986 3236

Web Address:

5. Railroad Green

4.7 ★★★★★ (34 reviews)

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Credit: Unknown author provided, License, Wikimedia commons

Location: Railroad Ave Warwick NY

4. Greenwood Lake

4.5 ★★★★★ (56 reviews)

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Credit: Scan NYPL, License, Wikimedia commons

3. Demarest Hill Winery

3.0 ★★★☆☆ (83 reviews)

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Credit: Demarest Hill Winery, Google Maps

Location: 81 Pine Island Turnpike Warwick NY

Tel:  845 986 4723

Web Address:

2. Stanley Deming Park

4.7 ★★★★★ (422 reviews)

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Credit: Isaak Niyazov, Google Maps

Location: South St Park Way Warwick NY

Tel:  845 986 2031

Web Address:

1. Wawayanda State Park

4.6 ★★★★★ (1,783 reviews)

Location: 885 Warwick Turnpike Hewitt NJ

Tel:  973 853 4462

Web Address:

Final Words:

Thank you for reading our list of the best things to do in Warwick, New York State! We hope it helped you plan the perfect itinerary for your next trip to this fantastic destination. Happy travels!

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