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9 Best and Fun Things To Do In Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Nicknamed “The Mineral City”, Spruce Pine is home to one of the world’s richest deposits of minerals and gems.

It also happens to be conveniently located next to some of the region’s most spectacular mountain peaks.

The town itself is bordered on one side by the Pisgah National Forest and the Cherokee National Forest on the other, making this an idyllic vacation spot for anyone looking to escape the daily grind.

Of course, all the scenic beauty creates the perfect backdrop for a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, kayaking, bird-watching, horseback riding, and more!

For anyone interested in learning more about the mining history of the area, the Emerald Village and the Minerals of North Carolina Museum in the nearby town of Little Switzerland are worth visiting.

The town is also known for hosting numerous local events throughout the year, including an annual alien festival that’s considered by many to be out of this world!

If this sounds like the kind of place you’d like to visit, check out our list of additional attractions and activities below so you can plan your trip accordingly

The 9 Most Popular Things To Do In Spruce Pine, North Carolina

9. North Carolina Mining Museum

4.8 ★★★★★ (22 reviews)

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Credit: Michael Bennett, Google Maps

Location: 331 McKinney Mine Road Spruce Pine NC

Tel:  828 765 2761

Web Address:

8. Little Switzerland Tunnel

4.6 ★★★★★ (58 reviews)


Credit: Joyce Chavez, Google Maps

Location: Blue Ridge Pkwy Spruce Pine NC

7. The Loops Overlook

4.8 ★★★★★ (76 reviews)

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Credit: Erik Michaels, Google Maps

Location: Blue Ridge Pkwy Spruce Pine NC

Web Address:

6. Grassy Creek Falls

4.5 ★★★★★ (80 reviews)

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Credit: Charles Boyer, License, Flickr

5. Museum Of North Carolina Minerals

4.3 ★★★★☆ (93 reviews)

800px-museum of north carolina minerals nc1

Credit: Acroterion, License, Wikimedia commons

Location: 214 Parkway Maintenance Road Spruce Pine NC

Tel:  828 765 2761

Web Address:

4. Crabtree Falls

4.0 ★★★★☆ (169 reviews)

3. Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine

4.6 ★★★★★ (321 reviews)

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Credit: Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine, Google Maps

Location: 13780 Highway 226 South Spruce Pine NC

Tel:  828 765 6130

Web Address:

2. Riverside Park

4.5 ★★★★★ (341 reviews)

Af1qipnqe0wvckovvphhhgfgo 42dsrnhxirysx46lao=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Sara Hoilman, Google Maps

Location: 503 E Tappan Street Spruce Pine NC

1. Emerald Village

4.6 ★★★★★ (847 reviews)


Credit: Emerald Village, Google Maps

Location: 331 McKinney Mine Road Spruce Pine NC

Tel:  828 765 6463

Web Address:

Final Words:

Thank you for reading our list of the best things to do in Spruce Pine, North Carolina! We hope it helped you plan the perfect itinerary for your next trip to this fantastic destination. Happy travels!

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