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9 Best and Fun Things To Do In Huntley, Illinois

Located in northern Illinois, an hour from Chicago, Huntley is considered one of the safest communities in the state and a great vacation destination. There are plenty of things to do in Huntley, including hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, museums, art galleries, sports fields, and more. There are also plenty of restaurants and shops to visit in Huntley, so visitors are sure to find something that suits their taste.

If you’re looking for some unique shopping opportunities, you can stop by Tom’s Farm Market and Greenhouse. Huntley is also home to a historic Downtown area, which is ideal for exploring on foot. You can also stop by one of the many parks in the area if you’re a lover of nature or want to spend some peaceful time outdoors.

Here’s our list of favorite attractions and top things to do in Huntley, Illinois

The 9 Most Popular Things To Do In Huntley, Illinois

9. Lake in the Hills Fen Conservation Area

4.7 ★★★★★ (64 reviews)


Credit: Eric Qiu, Google Maps

Location: 1500 Jefferson Street Lake in the Hills IL

Tel:  815 338 6223

Web Address:

8. Hampshire Forest Preserve

4.5 ★★★★★ (95 reviews)

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Credit: Jonny Cache, Google Maps

Location: Hampshire Township IL

Tel:  630 232 5980

Web Address:

7. Pleasant Valley Conservation Area

4.8 ★★★★★ (113 reviews)

Af1qippyvampmnmmgl envnrcemqhv1yhn28rt8top89=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: constiget, Google Maps

Location: 13119 Pleasant Valley Road Woodstock IL

Tel:  815 338 6223

Web Address:

6. Sunset Park

4.6 ★★★★★ (224 reviews)


Credit: Christopher Udd, Google Maps

Location: 5200 Miller Road Lake in the Hills IL

Tel:  847 960 7460

Web Address:

5. Burnidge Forest Preserve- Paul Wolff

4.6 ★★★★★ (275 reviews)

Location: 38W235 Big Timber Road Elgin IL

Tel:  630 232 5980

Web Address:

4. Deicke Park

4.7 ★★★★★ (613 reviews)

Af1qipmzmlpfnojaxoehconaci9gf7miicpcol azxcv=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Deicke Park, Google Maps

Location: 11419 IL 47 Huntley IL

Tel:  847 669 3180

Web Address:

3. Lippold Park

4.5 ★★★★★ (710 reviews)

Af1qipoft1drd4-5q7j4xzgrqiond6abtnrydvxp 2wj=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Edith R. Davidson, Google Maps

Location: 851 IL 176 Crystal Lake IL

Tel:  815 459 0680

Web Address:

2. Three Oaks Recreation Area

4.6 ★★★★★ (1,449 reviews)

Af1qipofexyy84kegf4agkr5haqgvxb1hjpfu-d4jq w=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Sylvia Lisiecki, Google Maps

Location: 5517 Northwest Hwy Crystal Lake IL

Tel:  815 459 2020

Web Address:

1. Illinois Railway Museum

4.7 ★★★★★ (2,342 reviews)

Af1qipmo6ltdxwji3yr1did mwbprorgoky4dt653yd9=w296-h202-n-k-no

Credit: Illinois Railway Museum, Google Maps

Location: 7000 Olson Road Union IL

Tel:  815 923 4391

Web Address:

Final Words:

Thank you for reading our list of the best things to do in Huntley, Illinois! We hope it helped you plan the perfect itinerary for your next trip to this fantastic destination. Happy travels!

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