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Best Adult-Only Cruises

All-inclusive adult-only cruises are the epiphany of happiness for passengers who would like a peaceful, kid-free cruise vacation. There are many cruise lines that cater to this specific niche, including Virgin Voyages, Viking Ocean cruises, and Saga Cruises.

Many other cruise lines come close to providing the perfect getaway with all-inclusive benefits and itineraries centered around adults.

To make your search for the best adult-only cruises a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of exceptional adult-only cruises in addition to cruise lines that offer unrivaled cruise experiences and itineraries dedicated to adults.

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Top 3 Best Adult-Only Cruises

The following cruise lines truly shine when it comes to adult-only cruises: Viking ocean and river cruises, Virgin Voyages, and Saga Cruises.

Viking Adults-only Cruises: Ocean Cruises and River Cruises

All Viking Ocean Cruises are adults-only, and you will find some terrific river expedition cruises for adults as well. This cruise line requires passengers to be a minimum age of 18 to board their adults-only ships.

Your cruise fare will include shore excursions at every port you stop, meals at some amazing onboard dining options, Wifi, and drinks with every meal. Self-laundry services onboard Viking Ocean, Mississippi, and Expedition River ships are also completely free, and you will receive a range of snacks and drinks in the mini-bars of certain staterooms.

In ports that require guests to travel into town, coaches are free for all passengers. Even better, if you buy a bottle of the port’s finest wine, you can take it with you without having to pay a corkage fee when you board the ship!

File:Viking Sky (ship, 2017) - Sète - December 2018 - 02.jpg

There are some expenses to be mindful of when going on one of Viking’s adults-only all-inclusive cruises. For instance, gratuities, particular shore excursions, and drinks had outside of the given meal times will set you back a few bucks.

If you’re planning a trip that will take place during the busiest seasons, a good way to mitigate the crowds of families is to opt for a Viking Caribbean or a Viking Alaska cruise, where you will be able to enjoy the journey in peace.

All Viking Ocean cruise ships look exactly the same and offer the same facilities. These ships can accommodate up to 930 adult passengers, and every cruise cabin features a private balcony. The Viking Expedition ships accommodate 378 adult passengers at full capacity.

The river ships of this cruise line are some of the best in the river cruise industry, and all carry no more than 200 adult passengers, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.

File:Viking Tor (ship, 2013) 018.JPG

Virgin Voyages: Perfect for the Adventurous Cruiser

If you have ever seen the slogan “Adult-by-Design,” by Virgin Voyages, you can rest assured that it is not just a marketing plight; the cruise line works hard to live by this theme.

Virgin Voyages’ all-inclusive adult-only cruises truly push the boundaries to keep things exciting. From risque shows and a vibrant nightlife to sex therapists and so much more, there’s not much you wouldn’t find on Virgin Voyages’ cruise ships.

All passengers onboard must be older than 18, according to Virgin Voyages’ age restrictions, and guests are referred to as sailors. Cruise fares include things like Wifi, non-alcoholic drinks, fitness classes, gratuities, and meals.

Virgin Voyages cruise ship Scarlet Lady made her debuted in 2021, and the cruise line is expected to launch many more impressive cruise ships, including Resilient lady and Valiant Lady. All these cruise itineraries will revolve around the Caribbean and visiting all the best hot spots in the Mediterranean, including Ibiza.

Virgin Voyages’ adult-only all-inclusive cruises can accommodate up to 2500 adult passengers, with every room sleeping up to four guests.

File:IMO 9804801 - Scarlet Lady alongside in Cozumel.jpg

Saga Cruises: Ideal for a More Mature Crowd

Saga cruises is a niche British Line offering smaller ships that accommodate passengers over the age of 50. Cruise fares include gratuities, any restaurant’s meals, certain drinks at meal times, fitness classes, and shuttles from and to the cruise ship on shore excursions.

The cruise line offers two cruise ships that sail the ocean: Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure, which both accommodate 999 adult passengers. The line’s amazing itineraries focus on experiencing the local culture at exotic destinations like the Canaries, the British Isles, the Baltic, and the Caribbean.

River cruises by Saga offer the same luxuries as the ocean lines hosted on the Spirit of Rhine and the Spirit of Danube.

File:7822457 Saga Sapphire 1981.jpg

Cruise Lines That Offer Adult Amenities

There are many other cruise lines that offer adult-only cruises along with incredible cruises that don’t always officially impose any age restrictions but cater primarily to an adult crowd. The luxury cruise lines listed below are some of the best in the industry, so you can expect only the highest quality services and amenities.

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Marella Cruises Adult-Only Cruises

The Marella Explorer 2 cruise ship is the latest addition to the Marella Cruises fleet. This magnificent vessel carries up to 1 814 passengers, and the cruise fares include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and gratuities. There are four specialty restaurants onboard where guests can dine for free. Passengers are required to be of a minimum age of 18.

P&O Cruises Adult-Only Cruises

P&O Cruises is famous for offering world-class services and facilities, and they also have two adults-only cruise ships that carry 1874 passengers and 2094 passengers, respectively. P&O Cruises is another British line perfect for those seeking a child-free voyage on a massive vessel. Cruises on Aurora and Arcadia are not all-inclusive, so expect to pay a bit more for certain luxuries.

File:P&O Cruises - MV Aurora - Stern.JPG

Regent Seven Seas All-inclusive Cruises

Regent Seven Seas cruises are some of the most inclusive options that offer a wide range of benefits included in the base cruise fare. This fare includes various shore excursions at each port, all drinks and tips onboard, meals at the main dining room, specialty dining, shuttles to and from the cruise ship, unlimited Wifi, and even airport transfers and airfare.

Regent Seven Seas has five mesmerizing cruise ships to choose from, with a sixth underway. There will likely be a few families with children on the European and Alaska summer cruises, but other times of the year should be more peaceful. Also, steer clear of itineraries that feature children’s programs and family-friendly shore excursions if you want a kid-free experience.

File:Seven Seas Mariner IMO 9210139 01 @chesi.JPG

Silversea Cruises All-inclusive Cruises

Whether you go on a luxurious Alaska cruise or an Antarctica expedition cruise, your cruise fare will include most drinks onboard, airport transfers, gratuities, and specific shore excursions.

If you want to dine at some specialty restaurants and sip on premium drinks, you will be charged for these additional perks. The best part of Silversea Cruises is that their all-inclusive cruises take you straight from your door to the cruise ship and back again.

Although the cruise line does accept children on the cruise ship, most sailing outside of the summer season to incredible destinations like Europe and the Caribbean usually set sail without any children on board.

File:Silversea Silver Explorer, Alkhornet, Svalbard, Arctic (20289815861).jpg

Azamara Cruises

Azamara Cruise Line advises families that include children under the age of 18 not to book their cruises, as the experiences and atmosphere on their cruise ships are tailored to adults.

You won’t find any children’s programs or babysitting services aboard Azamara cruise ships, so this cruise line has established itself as an adult-only line.

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises caters primarily to adults. There are no rules stating that children and babies are not allowed onboard, but services geared toward younger travelers are scarce on these cruise ships.

This cruise line requires passengers to be of a minimum age of one, and children need to share a cabin with an adult.

Oceania Cruises’ cruise ships feature adult-centric facilities, such as lecture rooms, a running track, an artist loft, and a culinary center offering cooking classes. Oceania Cruises boasts a fleet of smaller and more affordable ships for those seeking an adults-only experience on an intimate ship.

File:Oceanias Marina, Liverpool Cruise Terminal (geograph 4592979).jpg

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line offers adult-only cruises on their amazing Serenity Adult-Only Retreat. For the most part, Carnival Cruise Line is very family-friendly, but their retreats for passengers of 21 years and older are fast becoming a hit among older and younger adults alike.

Many Carnival cruises offer adults the opportunity to relax in adults-only areas while their children are entertained with activities and events in another area on the same ship. The cruise line boasts many adult-only areas on their honeymoon cruises, and with spas, bars, and nightclubs in abundance, it’s easy to see why so many choose this cruise line for their first getaway as a married couple. 

Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises does not allow any passengers under the age of eight on board, and those younger than 21 have to be accompanied by an adult traveler of the minimum age of 25.

Windstar cruise ships are outfitted with elegant designs and great facilities geared toward adults. The cruise line does not offer any children’s programs, childcare, or kid-friendly entertainment.

The atmosphere onboard Windstar cruises can be likened to that of a private yacht, with small passenger capacities and incredible itineraries. Windstar Cruises offers voyages to unrivaled hidden beaches, various rich cultures, small yet exciting ports, and Norwegian treasures.

Windstar is well-known for offering only the best culinary experiences made possible by world-class chefs. The cruise ships are also equipped with state-of-the-art swimming pools and restaurants ideal for adult travelers to indulge in.

File:Star Legend in the Kiel Canal VIII.jpg

Seabourn Cruise Line

This great cruise line focuses all its effort on creating the best all-inclusive adults-only experiences in the business.

Although parents are technically allowed to bring their kids along, you will rarely find children on a Seabourn cruise, and parents are responsible for looking after their kids at all times.

Seabourne caters to an adult crowd by offering exceptional dining options, top-quality services, mesmerizing cruise destinations, and relaxed luxury on an intimate ship. Onboard activities are designed to promote relaxation and include yoga stretch sessions, insightful lectures, movies in bed, group classes, and lounging by the poolside.

Those who seek a bit of physical fun can have a ball at the putting course and the casino. Seabourne cruise ships feature some fantastic entertainment venues where cooking classes, cabaret performances, stand-up comedy, and live music shows can all be enjoyed.

File:Seabourn Quest (ship), Sète, Hérault 01.jpg

Royal Caribbean International

You can expect nothing but extravagance and over-the-top facilities from Royal Caribbean International. This cruise line truly stands out when it comes to its activities, entertainment, and technology.

While peak seasons invite crowds of families aboard, Royal Caribbean International is also known to offer excellent voyages aimed at adults. The line’s ships all boast the adults-only Solarium, which is a sanctuary for relaxation with grand pools, hot tubs, loungers, and a bar.

Both Quantum Class and Oasis Class ships boast many activities and venues that are adult-only. From game shows and singles cruises to silent disco parties and bustling bars, adults will always find something to pique their interest.

The cruise line’s stylish ships, appealing to a range of age groups, are cleverly designed to make you feel like you’re on an adult-only cruise despite the wide selection of family-friendly amenities.

File:Odyssey of the Seas (cropped).jpg

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is known for specializing in romantic events and weddings. Princess Cruises ocean vessels generally cater to all ages, but the average age of passengers usually falls between 45 and 70.

An adults-only retreat called The Sanctuary can be found on all Princess cruise ships and offers adult guests the chance to escape the bustling public areas onboard. If you want to go all out, consider renting a private cabana where you can enjoy massages, snacks, and drinks in peace and quiet.

Disney Cruise Line

Who would have thought that Disney Cruise Line would make this list? Although Disney primarily caters to families with small children, it also boasts various activities and spaces geared toward adults.

The newest addition to the fleet, Disney Wish, features multiple adults-only venues filled with luxury and elegance. From Italian food, steaks, and panoramic sea views to French-inspired decor, and world-class wines, Dinsey is sure to impress.

You will also find trendy bars and clubs where adult travelers can dance till they drop, sip on a refreshing cocktail, or watch a sports game with a beer in hand. Quiet Cove Pool aboard Disney cruise ships is a peaceful place where adults can unwind after an eventful day.

Disney Cruise Line has its own private island where an entire stretch of the beach is adults-only, so even the shore excursions make for extreme relaxation.

File:Disney Cruise Ship tied up at the Disney Terminal, Port Canaveral - Florida.jpg

Closing Remarks

Adults certainly deserve some downtime every once in a while, and what better way to unwind than on a cruise ship, surrounded by picturesque views and all the luxury you could ask for? The cruise lines mentioned above are excellent choices for a kids-free cruise vacation, and the market for adult-only cruises is fast gaining popularity, so you can expect many more adult-only itineraries to make headlines.

Many of these cruise ships don’t openly discourage families with children from joining the fun, but the adult-centered amenities and activities certainly draw a more mature crowd. So next time you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, consider booking a cruise where you’ll find nothing but serenity.