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Top 12 Best Lesbian and Gay Cruises for LGBT Travellers

With diversity being celebrated all over the world, there has never been a better time to book a gay cruise. Cruise lines now offer a myriad of cruise adventures to cater to all LGBT travellers looking for a memorable experience at sea.

Cruise itineraries also include more extraordinary destinations and the ships chartered are more luxurious than ever before.

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In the past, gay and lesbian cruises were confined to more tired cruise ships, but the cruise industry today is seeing a significant surge in demand for full-ship gay charters, and major cruise lines are countering by using their newest and most exciting vessels to meet that demand.

Several charter companies dominate the whole ship, offering their own unique dance parties, activities, entertainment, and hosts to customize the vacation experience to their clientele.

A gay cruise is unique in that it provides a chance for people to spend time with their community. Depending on your mood, you may choose whether to blend in or to stand out and be celebrated for your uniqueness. Either way, a cruise ship is an ideal backdrop for a vacation without worries or fears.

Cruise ships have a way of creating bonds between passengers more naturally, and the extravagant mixers that start each sailing only contribute to this experience.

LGBT travellers can expect everything from games that break the ice and nametags to dress-up parties that indicate their origin and identity.

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Compared to other cruise ships, gay and lesbian cruises have a more open-minded feel to them, and many people use the common areas, such as the pool deck, to meet like-minded passengers and make some new friends.

Don’t miss the opportunity to build lasting new friendships and enjoy a cruise vacation like no other. Explore the list below to find some of the best cruise line options that offer incredible gay cruises in the years to come.

#1 Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises are renowned for offering a personal and intimate cruise experience that takes its passengers into some of the world’s most remarkable historic towns and cities.

As the leading cruise line in the river cruise industry, you can expect only the best amenities, such as impressive outdoor dining options and private balconies. Viking Cruises also includes some of the best shore excursions you’ll ever come across.

Passengers have reported a very welcoming atmosphere with lots of opportunities to make some new friends on Viking river cruises.

The cruise line partners with LGBT agencies to arrange fantastic group bookings and full charters that contribute to making this river cruise one of the best gay cruises available.

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#2 Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises’ ethos is to take the best parts of elegant and classic cruising and enhance it with elements of modern lifestyles. Cruisers have long been drawn to the high-end services, decor, and cabins Celebrity Cruises offers, and both their newest and oldest cruise ships have certainly proved worthy of an unforgettable cruise vacation.

Sailing from Amsterdam to Barcelona, Celebrity Cruises’ Atlantic events is an incredible ten-night cruise taking place on the mesmerizing Celebrity Silhouette.

Many passengers have praised Celebrity Cruises for bringing only the best treatment and LGBT events to cater to LGBT travellers, including promoting same-sex onboard marriages.

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#3 Basel to Amsterdam Pride River Cruise

For over two decades, Source Journey has been a leading LGBTQ+ chart company that hosts several annual land- and sea-based cruises and tours.

Onboard the amazing Avalon Panorama, the Amsterdam Pride river cruise is one of the cruises you won’t want to miss, as the journey ends with the famous Canal Pride Parade in Amsterdam.

Few other pride celebrations around the world can come close to the magnitude of this citywide annual celebration that takes place on August’s first weekend.

LGBT travellers will have the chance to join thousands of their community members cheering along the decorated streets after an immersion seven-night cruise down the Rhine River with some new friends.

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#4 Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises offers a wide variety of ships and itineraries that make for some of the best gay cruises in the industry. Sailing from Fort Lauderdale, the Adventure Bears’ seven-night cruise on the magnificent Regal Princess is certainly a must!

Many cruises by this cruise line are specially chartered gay and lesbian cruises offering the very best service and amenities for LGBT travellers to enjoy.

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#5 Royal Caribbean International

As one of the biggest and most renowned cruise lines in the world, Royal Caribbean boasts an immense fleet and focuses on offering the very best onboard activities and luxuries.

From surf simulators and skydiving to sophisticated dining options and incredible parties, there’s not much more you could want.

Royal Caribbean has a rich history of offering gay and lesbian cruises on many of their impressive ships, and in celebration of the anniversary of Atlantis Events, the cruise line hosts an all-gay Caribbean cruise like no other.

There is no denying that Royal Caribbean is one of the best cruise lines in the industry, whether you are looking for the perfect backdrop for family vacations or gay cruises that will leave you wanting more.

The huge variety of onboard activities and attractions, like unrivaled pool parties, make for the ideal setting to get away from it all and be amongst like-minded travellers.

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#6 Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises’ two impressive ships- Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey, are perfect for those who seek a more intimate cruise experience.

Especially attractive is the cruise line’s program called Destination Immersion, which allows passengers to spend more time at the ports and truly experience the different cultures they are home to.

Azamara also has no shortage of onboard attractions and inclusive packages that satisfies everyone from the events enthusiast to the avid spa-goer.

The cruise line offers a Happy Gay Travel itinerary, which sails from Barcelona to Civitavecchia on an unforgettable six-night cruise.

As the line is so gay-friendly, it is frequently booked by LGBT travellers and gay and lesbian group travel.

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#7 Vacaya Cruises

The small cruise ship company, Vacaya, offers cruises all over the world that visit some of the most exotic destinations LGBT cruisers have ever seen.

The Mystic Jungle Cruise is a renowned lesbian and gay cruise taking passengers on expeditions through Central America and sailings on the impressive Ponant’s Le Bellot.

Starting in Costa Rica, this 11-night cruise even sails through the Panama Canal and stops in some must-see places like Panama and Columbia. The ship’s inflatable zodiac boats take passengers on an immersive journey through dense rainforests and a tropical paradise.

Vacaya travel group is incredibly inclusive of the queer community and offers countless benefits, including unlimited internet services and open bars, that are sure to keep you coming back.

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As its smaller ships sail to such beautiful destinations, they tend to sell out fast, so the sooner you book, the better. The Mystic Jungle cruise is particularly popular among LGBT cruisers.

Vacaya will also host the largest ship charter ever on Celebrity Reflection, which will set sail in Fort Lauderdale and make its way to renowned locations like Belize, Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, and Honduras, with a mere two days at sea.

As the first and largest travel group to outwardly and openly welcome the entire LGBTQ+ community and its straight allies, you can expect only the best parties, events, dining, and activities onboard this Caribbean Cruise.

#8 Holland America Line

Holland America is praised for offering such a classic cruise experience while incorporating contemporary elements. The cruise line is wonderfully inclusive of the gay community and provides top-quality services regardless of sexual orientation.

Holland America is also a prominent supporter of many LGBTQ+ organizations and frequently partners with them to arrange wonderful lesbian and gay cruises, such as Caribbean cruises, and much more.

One of the most famous lesbian travel groups in the world, OLIVIA, has hosted innumerable women’s cruises over the years. In celebration of their anniversary, the travel group is chartering Nieuw Amsterdam by Holland America, the first cruise that has sold out so quickly that the company had to add a second week to the cruise.

This unrivaled cruise sets sail from Fort Lauderdale and travels to beautiful destinations like Puerto Rico, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and St. Thomas.

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#9 Cunard Line

Cunard brings the golden age of cruising to life in its stylish, state-of-the-art ships like Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria. The lounges and bars onboard reflect the classic era of decor, and even the crew members reflect this elegance in their attire.

Pied Piper Travel often partners with Cunard Line to organize lesbian and gay cruises of the highest quality, and many past cruisers have praised Cunard as being one of the most gay-friendly cruise lines sailing the seas today.

Cunard line has a long history of supporting the Human Rights Campaign and forming relationships with LGBT travel agencies to arrange gay and lesbian group travel and full-ship gay charters.

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#10 Norwegian Cruise Line

Organized by R Family Vacations, the Broadway Cruise is a fantastic opportunity to experience all the magic of Broadway combined with a gay cruise on the magnificent Norwegian Gem.

Sailing from New York City to Bermuda, the Broadway cruise showcases large-scale yet intimate shows and cabarets that are sure to leave you speechless. Courtesy of R Family Vacations, only the best class of entertainment is on offer onboard if you’re looking for a gay-friendly, culture-rich experience at sea.

Atlas Events also partnered with Norwegian Cruise Line to organize a week-long cruise sailing from Port Canaveral to incredible places like Costa Maya, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and the Bahamas.

When packing for this cruise, you’ll need to check the itinerary, as there will be many exciting theme nights onboard, and everyone will be dressed in their best costumes.

#11 Gay Sailing Greece

Everybody knows the Greek islands to be one of the best places to let your hair down, so it figures that many gay nude cruises visit this region. Gay Sail organized this unforgettable gay cruise to the Greek Islands, filled with cruise and land fun, with all meals provided.

This gay cruise is the perfect opportunity to explore the rich Greek culture and visit some of the most noteworthy places in the area, including Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, and Syros.

#12 Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises puts luxury above all else, except, of course, its excellent service. On both of its cruise ships, you can expect almost just as many crew members as passengers, so help and assistance will always be at your disposal.

Being such an avid supporter of the lesbian and gay community, Crystal Cruises partnered with Happy Gay Travel to present a once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan cruise of ten nights, setting sail from Vancouver.

The spring and autumn cruises of this cruise line are top-rated among lesbian and gay travellers and are abundant in classical arts, film and theatre performances, and fashion expos to enjoy.