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12 Best and Fun Things To Do In Sisters, Oregon

There are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in this charming mountain town!

The beautiful scenery, combined with the rugged landscape, have naturally led to a plethora of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.

Choose between hiking, biking, walking, and skiing, or head to the golf course to put your putting skills to the test.

Sisters is also home to several annual festivals, county fairs featuring fresh locally-grown produce, handicrafts, and live music, as well as specialty shops and historical sites to explore.

To help you plan the most unforgettable trip and to ensure that you don’t miss a thing, we’ve compiled a list of all the must-see destinations in Sisters.

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The 12 Most Popular Things To Do In Sisters, Oregon

12. Aspen Hollow Preserve

5.0 ★★★★★ (1 review)

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Credit: Christopher, Google Maps

Location: Whychus Creek Sisters OR

Tel:  541 330 0017

Web Address:

11. Whychus Canyon Preserve

4.5 ★★★★★ (10 reviews)

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Credit: Joan Amero, License, Flickr

Location: 69899 Goodrich Road Sisters OR

Tel:  541 330 0017

Web Address:

10. Whychus Creek Trail

4.7 ★★★★★ (21 reviews)

Location: Sisters OR

9. Whychus Creek Overlook Trailhead

4.7 ★★★★★ (93 reviews)

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Credit: Chris Sylvis, Google Maps

Location: 66570 3 Creeks Lake Road Sisters OR

8. Sisters Park

3.3 ★★★☆☆ (3 reviews)

Location: Sisters OR

Web Address:

7. Camp Polk Meadow Preserve

4.7 ★★★★★ (17 reviews)


Credit: Weston Ruter, Google Maps

Location: Cemetery Road Sisters OR

Web Address:

6. Indian Ford Meadow Preserve

4.4 ★★★★☆ (18 reviews)


Credit: Weston Ruter, Google Maps

Location: 69700 69714 n Ford Road Sisters OR

Tel:  541 330 0017

Web Address:

5. Sisters Ranger Station – Deschutes National Forest

4.7 ★★★★★ (47 reviews)

800px-horse lake and ranger station%2c deschutes forest%2c oregon 1922. - nara - 299223

Credit: Unknown author provided, License, Wikimedia commons

Location: US 20 & S Pine Street 391 W Cascade Ave Sisters OR

Tel:  541 549 7700

4. Peterson Ridge Mountain Bike Trails

4.7 ★★★★★ (56 reviews)

Location: Three Creek Road Sisters OR

Web Address:

3. Fir Street Park

4.6 ★★★★★ (99 reviews)


Credit: Jeremiah Perry-Weed, Google Maps

Location: Sisters OR

Tel:  541 323 5220

Web Address:

2. Aspen Lakes Golf Course

4.2 ★★★★☆ (261 reviews)

1271794323 a845db7672 h

Credit: Andy Simonds, License, Flickr

Location: 16900 Aspen Lakes Dr Sisters OR

Tel:  541 549 4653

Web Address:

1. Village Green City Park

4.7 ★★★★★ (341 reviews)

Af1qipmgxbinb8dkxaghdwoynue uwuabvy vlugpivj=w592-h404-n-k-no

Credit: Bianca West, Google Maps

Location: Sisters OR

Tel:  541 549 6022

Web Address:

Final Words:

Thank you for reading our list of the best things to do in Sisters, Oregon! We hope it helped you plan the perfect itinerary for your next trip to this fantastic destination. Happy travels!

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